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Zhaan Goes To Seed

Back on Moya, everyone feasts. Well, everyone else eats, while Zhaan -- her planter's warts receding -- feasts. She holds her empty plate up to Aeryn, who is standing at the prime rib carving station, and mews at her. Aeryn tells her it's her fourth plate. "More," Zhaan nudges like a baby. Aeryn piles more meat on Zhaan's plate and asks D'Argo if he wants more. Before answering, D'Argo looks around for Chiana. She's standing off by herself and looks back at him with terror. D'Argo passes on more food and walks off to join her. Zhaan mumbles how wonderful the food is. "Yeah," Crichton drawls, "Carolina-style keedva -- best barbecue this side of a budong." Oh, Crichton, I hate to argue with you but I don't think Zhaan would have waited the Carolina requisite fourteen hours of slow cooking. Let's just call it roast beast and be done, okay? He stands up heavily and undoes his belt. Zhaan thanks him for everything. "Pleasure," Crichton says, still drawling, "Y'all dig in now." He leaves. Probably to rustle up some Tums, drectly. Zhaan turns a timid face up to Aeryn, and they trade awkward looks. Aeryn tells her quietly that Pilot is very relieved Zhaan is recovering. Zhaan says, "Well, as much as I was suffering, your experience was also painful. I only made it more difficult for you." Not looking at her, Aeryn tells her she wasn't herself. "No, I was the mindless savage I accused you of being," Zhaan admits, "But it wasn't very pleasant reverting back to such a primitive, vicious state." Aeryn looks down at her. "I'm sorry for what I said," Zhaan says, gazing up at her. Aeryn just piles more meat on her plate, "Here, eat. Don't talk." Zhaan smiles.

D'Argo walks into command where Chiana is doing frog squats again. She's gazing out the window as they pull away from the budong. D'Argo offers that she must be glad to be leaving. Chiana tells him he doesn't understand. "Understand what? Loss? I understand that," D'Argo says. Chiana shakes her head and says it's not a big thing and starts to walk away. D'Argo tells her he doesn't need to put on an act for him "D'Argo, I do what I do to survive," Chiana tells him. "Can't you just let go?" D'Argo asks. "I can't only let go when I feel safe," Chiana tells him. "You are safe," D'Argo says. "Am I?" Chiana wonders. D'Argo walks over and bends down to kiss Chiana. Just once. Just tenderly. It's not some ravaging kiss full of sweat and sheets. It's just a promise. D'Argo backs away, gives Chiana one last gentle look and walks out. Chiana turns back toward us and breathes hard. "Whoa," she pants but what she really means is: "D'Argo, you big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever."

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