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Zhaan Goes To Seed

In another cavern, Altana and Chiana catch up on gossip. Chiana learns about other miners who have died or finally left to seek a life that wasn't dependents on navigating flesh rot spots and gangrene. Altana announces she's about to move on as well because she finally made it big. She found a vein of nogelti crystals near the budong's second liver, just pass the ribs. If you hit the pancreas, you've gone too far. Chiana breathes that she's so happy for Altana. "Be happy for yourself, girl, I want you to have a share," Altana announces. Chiana is overwhelmed and it speaks a lot for her growing character that she immediately says, "I'll be able to get enough food for Zhaan." Altana reminds her that they have a problem: B'Sogg closed the mines and he's probably down there already, jumping her claim. Chiana wonders if B'Sogg could have killed Temmon. Altana scoffs at this, they were brothers. And brother never kills brother. Except in the Bible. And the Civil War. And over video games.

Back on Moya, Aeryn talks pragmatically and congestedly to the prone and budding Zhaan about stabilizing her condition. Zhaan murmurs she can make a salve that might help but then she drifts off toward hibernation. Maybe Aeryn should cover her with a cone full of dead leaves. It helped my mom's roses. Aeryn prods Zhaan and gets her to give her the salve recipe. She starts putting it together but when it whiffs a violet smoke, she wonders, "Is it supposed to do that?" Zhaan's only answer is to wheeze shallowly. "Oh, frelling great," Aeryn crabs. Pilot comms in to announce that Zhaan's spores are numbing Moya's hull. I'd love something to numb my hull right about now. Maybe some limoncello. Aeryn suggests putting the atmosphere scrubbers at maximum capacity. "Already done," Pilot explains, because there's not much the bipeds can tell Pilot that he hasn't already done for Moya. "Well, I don't know what else to suggest, then," Aeryn says, looking down at Zhaan with bleary, reddened eyes.

On the budong, the flatulent Rygel, who will eat the noses off of live doctors, is turning up his own royal nostril holes at lichen, mold, and fungus. He peers over at B'Sogg forking up some meat and wonders royally why he didn't get meat. B'Sogg says if he wants meat, he has to pay for it. Ah, this is a "vegetarians eat free!" type of place. We should send most of San Francisco over there. D'Argo announces that they need more food, enough to get them to the next system. Not interested in any sort of trade, B'Sogg repeats that they need to pay for more food, but to pay for it, they have to mine crystals. D'Argo grits out an agreement that they will work. "Dominars don't work!" Rygel announces, aghast, "Especially not in some rotting corpse filled with creatures." But then Rygel spies Grangerford Shepherdson gambling some sort of game across the cavern and gets interested. This will be his way of getting food. "Maybe we should have fried this," D'Argo says sourly to his plate of lichen. Crichton leaves to bring Zhaan some food on Moya.

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