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Zhaan Goes To Seed

Moya. Aeryn is finally realizing that it might be a good idea to ask her doctor about Allegra-D. Between sneezes, she learns from Pilot that Zhaan's spores are making Moya rash out faster than the atmosphere scrubbers can apply Cortisone. Even worse, Moya is developing a sinus infection and a very stuffy head and can't function properly. Pilot is also being affected by the spores and is worried that Moya will be permanently blinded if Zhaan doesn't stop her blooming ass. Aeryn suggests she drag Zhaan onto a transport pod and allow Moya to vent herself. In other words: hock a really large loogie. Pilot slowly notes that it would help Moya, but he's worried about Aeryn, since she's being affected as well. Aeryn shrugs that off and says she'll be fine. Pilot hesitantly sets about to priming a transport pod. In slo-mo, Aeryn jogs back to Zhaan's room and finds nothing but a mass of downy seeds.

Budong. Looking for D'Argo in the mine, Crichton finds Rygel chipping his little heart out. He's found a massive crystal and tells Crichton to bug off. Fed up, Crichton grabs Rygel's ear and pulls him around on his hover-chair. He whispers threateningly that Zhaan doesn't have much time, "So get your crystal and LET'S GO!" He shouts the last bit, causing Rygel to shout and drop his mining tool with a clatter. Crichton speeds through the corridors but stops short when he hears a high-pitched whine. Don't they end up using a semi-tone of that exact sound for Jool's scream? Not being thrilled with the noise, Crichton backs up and starts down another corridor but hears a sound he likes even less. Loud and toothy growling. Crichton switches off his flashlight and crouches down, wincing as he hears something crack under his feet. He hisses for Rygel as a low-slung shape slinks on all fours behind him. After a few more snorts and growls, Crichton FINALLY looks around and freezes at the sight of the dark shape, which has now reared up on its hind legs like a bear. The keedva gallops toward Crichton and only then does Crichton decide it's time to run. There's a flash of white teeth in a dark mouth. Rygel notes this and quickly levitates his hover-chair as high as possible. Crichton launches himself on Rygel and says he's not ditching him. Crichton's dangling legs are just beyond the keedva's snapping maw. Rygel tells Crichton there's no reason for both of them to die, "I'm a Dominar and you're just you!" Crichton slaps his hand over Rygel's mouth and tells him to shut up and get the lead out. Rygel can't give his car seat any more gas and orders Crichton to let go. "Screw you!" Crichton bites out. The chair tips as it starts to sag under their weight. Rygel says he'll bite Crichton's fingers off if he doesn't let go. "Oh yeah? Screw you!" Crichton says again but stupidly holds up two fingers for Rygel to bite. Which he does, of course. Crichton screams and there's another high-pitched whine and the keedva scampers off. Rygel's still biting Crichton's fingers, so Crichton bites Rygel's head. Rygel finally releases Crichton's fingers and says, "Lucky you." Crichton head-butts him and Rygel squeals, "What was that for?" I love how Rygel truly and honestly doesn't understand why Crichton would have any reason to head-butt him. "I ain't your lunch!" Crichton snaps. He then orders Rygel back to the transport pod and tells him to stay there. "What about Vija?" Rygel asks, referring to Grangerford Shepherdson. "What about keedva?!" Crichton retorts. "Oh, good plan," Rygel says immediately.

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