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Zhaan Goes To Seed

D'Argo tells Crichton that the creature attacked and he tried to stop it but couldn't. He's not too hurt, nothing broken, and his blood is running clear. B'Sogg tosses back at Crichton that his friend is lucky to be alive. "You know what Boudreau? For someone that's supposed to be such a great critter hunter, you ain't doin' that good of a job," Crichton drawls angrily. Okay, I can't figure out the Boudreau reference unless it's just an acknowledgement of this guy's Southern charms. B'Sogg retorts that he closed the mines for a reason and now he's going to go take care of business, so the lot of them should just stay out. B'Sogg leaves. Chiana tells Crichton hoarsely that B'Sogg killed Altana and now he's going to steal her crystals. She's not going to let him. However, just like when she explained the situation of Altana's crystals to D'Argo, she lets the man take over on the actual action. Crichton grabs his stuff and says, "Boudreau's mine."

Moya. Repressurization is almost complete. Behind a sneezing and coughing Aeryn, Zhaan floats down from the ceiling. How did she --? So Zhaan can levitate now? With murder in her eyes, and her acne starting to assume asparagus-like proportions, Zhaan angles her head and strikes Aeryn from behind. Aeryn stumbles and turns to say, "Zhaan, you don't understand." Zhaan just says, "Tried to kill me. Suffocate me. Poison salve. Burn me with light." Aeryn explains she was trying to help her. "No, always hated me," Zhaan continues and there's more in this pronounless vein, from which I will spare you, because the most interesting part is how many times Zhaan hits Aeryn. Aeryn is not hurt and not disabled in any way, but she doesn't strike back. The angry, violent Peacekeeper does not raise one hand to defend herself against an irate, starving plant. On the floor after the last strike, Aeryn continues her attempts at reasoning with Zhaan. Unfortunately, Zhaan is buggier than an aphid and is now confusing Aeryn with the Peacekeepers who imprisoned her on Moya, as well as acting paranoid about Aeryn and Pilot plotting her death. Aeryn tries to get through to Zhaan by telling her that Zhaan's spores were hurting Moya. Zhaan at first bristles (or is that thistles?) that she would ever do anything to hurt Moya, but Aeryn appeals to Zhaan's mental strength, "For the sake of your goddess, think!" Zhaan can't think, she's all hopped up on herself. Aeryn snaps her fingers at Zhaan and says, "You are a Delvian Tenth Level Pa'u. You have trained your mind to control your thoughts, do it now!" Zhaan struggles with herself and finally gives in pleading weakly, "I can't...help me." "All right," Aeryn says and steps closer, putting her hands on Zhaan's shoulders. You get the idea that she's going to mind-meld with Zhaan a la Crichton, but Aeryn has had quite enough of trying to solve things the intellectual way, so she head-butts Zhaan into unconsciousness. Zhaan collapses on the floor in a poof of cottony spores. Aeryn wipes her nose and calls out to Pilot. "Yeeeees?" Pilot says in the most patient, long-suffering, and wary tone I've heard him use considering the circumstances. Aeryn wants the transport pod prepared.

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