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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Full moon on Halloween. I like this part: John comes into the bolthole's living room, where Rygel is laughing uproariously, and sits next to him on the couch. Rygel is stabbing a pumpkin with a knife, over and over and over. John sighs, informing everyone that he and Kim have arranged a meeting at the canal tomorrow. He puts his hand sweetly on Rygel's head and asks what the hell the deranged little freak is doing. "Cutting. Just cutting! Make them scary, you said. Scary! Ah!" He continues stabbing, stabbing, stabbing. This is by far the coolest flavor of Rygel you ever get to see. John reaches gingerly into the pile of wrappers at Rygel's side, and pulls out a piece of chocolate: "Somebody got a sugar high. You been stealin' candy, Mr. Burroughs?" Rygel shakes and twitches: "Ohh, Crichton! How illegal is this dren? You've gotta get me more! I don't care what it costs!" John tells him to breathe. "Buckwheat, breathe." He takes the knife out of Rygel's hand, but Rygel keeps making stabbing motions with his hand. I love him. "Get some sleep, we've got a big day tomorrow." He pats Rygel on the head and leaves him talking to himself. "Okay. Okay. Good idea." Rygel stares at his still-quivering hand.

Neural Cluster: Sikozu, still wrapped in her blanket, advises Scorpius that they should hide in the neural turbines. "They will hide our heat signatures." Scorpius tells her to go, but she's insistent: "Scorpius, we must hide until the Peacekeepers have gone!" He tells her he'll be all right, and she measures his face for a moment, then turns and leaves.

Scorpius listens to Braca: "Check tier nine. I'll go below." He moves behind a pillar, and watches Braca climb down into the Cluster. Scorpius growls loudly, just behind Braca, who turns and sees him, quickly around toward a pillar, hiding his face. "You're dead!" Scorpius hisses, and steps closer. "How many aboard the Leviathan, Braca?" Thirty plus Grayza, Braca tells him without hesitation. Scorpius steps still closer: "Will they follow you down here?" No. Scorpius reaches out and grabs Braca by the shoulders, turning him and grabbing, not to say caressing, his face, and staring into his eyes. He pulls him in and...kisses him on the forehead. Better luck next time, Milko. "Well done," Scorpius smiles, and Braca reaches out, putting his hands tightly, not to say tenderly, on Scorpius's cheeks: "It's good to see you, sir." Then they totally make out!

But we've already cut to the next scene! Cheerful birdsong outside the drug den. "Good morning, Florida! I hope you're having a very scary Halloween," the radio continues, and the guy makes a lot of dumb noises. Outside, the trooper's on his back, on the ground, saying hello to his chief, who's none too impressed. "We've been looking for you all night," he says, and we pull back to see another trooper and that nosy neighbor lady, standing next to the cruiser, with its door open. "I saw you with them," she says, and the trooper wriggles, trying to get his legs out of the car. There's an open liquor bottle on the street next to him. Another neighbor watches from behind a tree. "I don't know what you saw, Dot, but I think I need a warrant." The Chief helps him up off the pavement.

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