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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Leslie Crichton sits at a table in the garden, shuffling cards and humming sweetly in the sun. A shadow passes over her face; she feels it, and looks up. A hand caresses her cheek and she puts her hand over it, still humming. "Mom," says John. "It's me." She stares out into the sun. "Johnny?" She almost smiles, feeling him with her. "I love you. I've wanted to tell you that for a very long time." You can almost see him. "What's the matter?" Leslie says, forcing herself to look down, at the cards, figure out much of this is happening and how much is madness; what she has to do next. "I'm in trouble, I'm in the Carson house. Get Dad and tell him to save me." Leslie throws the cards down, hurries through the garden toward the house, screaming Jack's name. "Mom, listen! When you first feel the pain, don't...don't wait." She's gone. She was always gone. He becomes visible again, losing even the tinge of the supernatural that could have saved her; separating himself from Johnny again for good. He becomes a man you can see; he becomes a man.

"The initial scans were accurate," Braca lies. "The Leviathan is empty." He and Grayza are accompanied down the corridor by a few PKs. "I assumed as much," she replies smugly. "I accessed the memory banks, the Pilot has no idea where Crichton's gone." And then she orders something curious. "Braca, prepare the Marauders. Set course for our meeting with the Scarrans." They take off, Braca and the soldiers, and Grayza's left alone. A creature has appeared in the doorway: the muscled corpse of a lizard man, all eyes and teeth. She's used creeps like this before. "There's no way that Moya can detect your presence," she explains, but the Skreeth has Crichton's DNA, so it should be able to detect him. "So when he returns, as we know he will, capture him alive." The creature looks down the corridor and snarls. DNA, really? Again. How much of this show is about Crichton's DNA? But also, how about this: IF SHE ALREADY HAS HIS DNA THEN -- PER THE COCKADOODIE SCARRANS -- SHE'S ALREADY GOT WORMHOLES.

Noranti hurries to Johnny, laid across Betty's tailgate, and blows yet new powder in his face: "Remember nothing." She hurries away, and Chiana whispers in his other ear, "Except for Karen Shaw, in the four-wheel drive." Heh. I guess the whole gray-girl aspect was just a bit too straining of credulity, and maybe they're right. You remember everything. D'Argo has the smoke going; Noranti's giving the Sheriff the whole "Remember nothing," but then Chiana grabs her and pulls her out of the house before she can give the trooper the same treatment.

Now there's just an assload of smoke coming out of the boarded-up house; D'Argo drags the trooper out by the pits and into his car -- face down in the Sheriff's lap, behind the wheel. Oh, D'Argo. Aeryn notifies him that everyone's back on the ship, and Jack's on his way to save Johnny. The two of them -- male and female sides to John's virility -- hide and watch as John's father investigates the fire; John approaches and notes his Dad "moves fast for an old guy!" D'Argo congratulates him on his corporeality; Dot the Nosy Neighbor appears, and John spots her over the fence. "Damn. She's going to screw things up. My dad has to do it by himself." From the rattlers to the Ancients, it's always been about John waiting for his dad to prove it. "Aeryn!" he hisses. Tellingly. She tosses herself over the wall onto the sidewalk.

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