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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Inside, Jack's screaming -- not for "Johnny," but for John -- as Dot comes upon the policemen's tête-à-tête. Aeryn creeps up behind her.

Inside the house, Jack knocks himself out on a chandelier; outside the house, Dot knocks herself out on Aeryn's fast-moving fist. The door is open, smoke pouring out. "You know," says D'Argo, "if he stays in there too much longer, it's gonna catch on fire. Why do our plans never work?" John says "Murphy's Law," but I think he means, "My plans are hilariously horrible but always work out." John spots his dad knocked out on the floor and calls for D'Argo. "I'm gonna get myself. You take Dad." John for Johnny, D'Argo for Jack, Aeryn for everything else in the world. John hurries to the garage as D'Argo kneels beside Jack; Jacob starts scribbling messy diagrams about everybody and everybody else.

D'Argo drags Jack into the garage and confirms that John's still solid. John looks down at Johnny, lying on Betty's gate. D'Argo opens the garage door, drags Jack out onto the grass. John caresses Johnny's forehead, kissing him softly. "Try not to frown so much. Good luck." John picks up Johnny and carries him out of the garage. He saves himself.

"We've gotta go," grunts D'Argo. "I'll start Lo'La." John reluctantly agrees and lays Johnny down, on the grass, near Jack. He glances at Jack and leaves them, father and son -- and runs straight for Aeryn.

There are sirens; Jack wakes up and sees Johnny beside him. His son coughs, and he tells him to hold on. Leslie screeches up and runs to them; Jack begs Johnny to speak. Jack assures Leslie he's going to be okay; Kim joins them. Complete. Aeryn tells John, who is being very quiet, that it's probably time to go. Kim worries about Johnny, Aeryn takes off. Jack looks up at John, notices him, takes a step forward. John leaps to the top of the wall, looking down at his father, the hero. Then he's gone. Jack turns slowly back to face his family. This show is fucking awesome.

Trooper man sits behind a painted mirror, begging them to believe: "I swear to God I'm tellin' the truth. There was this guy, and he was invisible. And this other thing that had this long tongue. Uh, he knocked me out with it." Behind the glass Mulder and Scully watch, disbelieving. "They left this!" He puts his hand on Rygel's horrific pumpkin, on the table before him. "As a sign!" Scully shakes her head at Mulder and they take off. "Like a message or somethin'. 'Cause nobody human coulda made it!" Rygel has carved out Scorpius's face onto the pumpkin. "There's no way a human coulda made this." Fingers crossed.

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