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It's What Comes Before "Terra Firma"

Lo'La flies back toward Moya; D'Argo asks if they can save the Challenger crew, and Noranti cuts that idea dead. Pilot calls to them. "Where are you?" asks John, and the reply is simple and lovely: "Where you said to be." D'Argo can't find Moya with his scanners; John realizes it's a timeframe issue. "What year is it where you are?" 2003. They follow the connection to Pilot through the wormhole. "By Lannit! Another Earth!" exclaims Rygel. But it's still the same one, even though it's always different. Moya's the difference; they dock.

Lo'La's steps lower; John's the first to exit. He steps through the hangar doors, confronted by three human men, and a woman. The man is his father. John looks at them quietly, gone so still. Jack clears his throat, on the edge of tears. Grown old (-ish) in a moment. "W... welcome home, son. We've been waitin' for you. A long time." It's the first time we've seen him since the premiere; we've drawn lines and mirror images of him, but we haven't seen him yet again for real. This is homecoming; after John loves the Ancient Jack, after John saves Johnny, after he jumps into wormholes, only then is he allowed to see Jack again. Of course he doesn't buy it. Jack walks forward and his son pulls a pulse pistol. Jack asks what's wrong. He's not seen his son tempted, disappointed, brought again and again to hope only have it dashed. He's not seen his son weep for all the death that's surrounded him; doesn't understand a soldier's readiness. He sees only his son, lost forever, now coming home. Love and relief. Of course John doesn't buy it.

John, eyes trained on Jack's: "Was it a bass? Or a trout?"

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