Liars, Guns, and Money (1) : A Not So Simple Plan

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Bank Shot

We open to the sight of Zhaan fondling Stark's mask as she tells Pilot to follow the "nexus coordinates." Pilot says they've been doing that for three days now. Zhaan testily asks if she has to take control of the ship as Crichton tentatively says, "Zhaan, maybe --" Zhaan tells him to go away. She got another new coat! I think every commerce planet must have the equivalent of Burlington Coat Factory. Crichton starts to leave, but then we see Chiana and D'Argo by the door, making emphatic "Try again!" gestures. With a sigh, Crichton tells Zhaan that everyone wants to turn back. Zhaan says, "When Stark communicated with me, he insisted that we follow the nexus coordinates. If we do what he says, he will be there." Crichton argues that Aeryn's gone out on recon, and there's nothing there. D'Argo decides it's time to play bad cop, and snarls that they have to get to the slave auction. Zhaan points that without any money, they can't do anything at the auction anyway, so they might as well continue the wild Banik chase. Chiana suggests that maybe Zhaan didn't really get a message from Stark. You know things are getting strange when Chiana is the logical one. Zhaan shouts, "This mask talked to me! Unless you all think I'm imagining it." D'Argo quickly says, "I do." D'oh. Zhaan wants a quorum, apparently, and asks Crichton if he believes her. Crichton tries to duck the question, and is rescued when Stark's voice says, "Don't give up!" They look at the mask, which is magically filled in with a faint image of Stark's face. He declares, "Hurry, I'm dying!" Pilot chimes in to announce that Moya has detected a ship in front of them. They all hustle about, preparing to bring the ship aboard.

Cut to the hangar, as D'Argo and Crichton carry Stark out. Crichton says, "He's barely breathing," and suggests they get him to Zhaan quickly. Which is a good idea. A better idea would be having Zhaan there in the first place. Is it just me, or is it weird that she didn't go along to meet the ship? Stark suddenly starts gasping, and we see that his head is wrapped with strips of cloth, to hide his glowiness. Or else he's pretending to be a mummy. Stark wheezily announces, "D'Argo, I've done it! I've found it! I know how to save your son!" D'Argo is one flummoxed Luxan.

Credits. Random plug: Ziesing Books. I know the website's kind of clunky, but you can download their catalog, or get one sent to you. And they're nifty people who sell (and publish) very cool books.

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