Look At The Princess (1): A Kiss Is But A Kiss

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Escape From Wedded Bliss

The sun sets over the palace, which means it's time for some pedebickering. Sure enough, here come Crichton and Aeryn. He says he has no choice: "Rock. Me. Hard place." Aeryn suggests: "Fight. Retreat. Remain silent." Crichton counters, "Scorpius. The Empress." I suggest, "Shiny. Tight. Leather." Aeryn consolingly notes that Katralla is pretty and wealthy. Aeryn, I already did adjectives. And mine were better. She adds, "Think of all the power you'll have." Crichton grumbles that it's all he can think about. "That and how I'm gonna get off this planet the way I got here: single and alive." Aeryn unenthusiastically says she'll see what he can do.

They're interrupted when the Mudhoney-dude who hit on Aeryn earlier shouts, "Congratulations." Poor guy, he forgot to put a shirt on before he slipped into his bathrobe. He finally introduces himself as "Dregon Carsinova, cousin to the crown," and Crichton obligingly shakes hands. Dregon turns to Aeryn and smarmily asks, "You would be...?" She says, "Extremely preoccupied," and exits with Crichton. Ouch. They walk on, and Crichton tells Aeryn, "Seemed like a nice guy." Aeryn tells him to shut up. There's a brief discussion about how Moyais still missing, Scorpius is still creepy, and Crichton is still scared. Dregon lurks in the background, presumably checking out Aeryn's ass. Or, possibly, Crichton's. Oh, wow, Dregon appears to be wearing Birkenstocks, which explains Aeryn's reaction to him. Crichton begs Aeryn to find another bridegroom. They stop, and Aeryn looks back to see Dregon make a little bow and leave with one final glance back at her. That was a nice touch. "And if I can't?" Aeryn challenges. "Better wed than dead," Crichton says. Aeryn makes a "hmph" face and leaves. She is amazingly childish in this episode. Even for her. I love her, but really.

And now Aeryn's strolling outside in a lovely garden. Actual sunlight! How startling. She spots Tyno and Katralla chatting on a little wooden punting dock. Australia's pretty, y'all. Aeryn and moves a little closer to eavesdrop. This would be an illustration of what a terrible schemer Katralla is: let's have a private chat out in a public place surrounded by water that will help carry our voices! You'd think that the Empress would have taught her better. Katralla frets that the Empress is going to make her marry Crichton. Tyno says, "We can only hope," which turns out to be the wrong answer. Katralla wants him to rescue her. Tyno says he loves her, "But our union is not destined to be." Katralla grabs Tyno and kisses him. Aeryn watches, maybe thinking, "This relationship reminds me of something...if only I could figure out what." Tyno pulls away and tells Katralla that it's her duty to marry Crichton.

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