Look At The Princess (1): A Kiss Is But A Kiss

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Escape From Wedded Bliss

We're back at the bar. Aeryn rants that Crichton is dumb: "Princess Pretend doesn't even love him, she wants that Tyno!" I'm not sure how that supports her thesis. In fact, one could argue that it demonstrates lousy judgment on Katralla's part. Although Tyno does seem a little more stable. Anyway, Aeryn thinks they can all hide from Scorpius "in the barren lands outside the city" until Scorpius, like, gets bored and leaves. D'Argo and Chiana don't even dignify that plan with a response. Chiana repeats, "You should have told him how you felt about him when you had the chance." She points out Dregon, who's lurking nearby, and asks how many times he's hit on Aeryn. "He's well bred, he's rich, handsome. Perfect. You're gonna let him get away, too. You know why?" Aeryn takes a step closer and invites Chiana to continue. Chiana says, "Because you only want the ones you can't have! So you're gonna go to Crichton, you're gonna mess with his mind, he's gonna get turned over to Scorpius, and dead." Aeryn basically says, "I know you are but what am I?" and stomps off.

Moya. Zhaan rushes in to ask Pilot why they're moving further from "the Royal Planet." Are you kidding me? We're spending three episodes there and it doesn't even have a name? Pilot explains thatMoyais following a signal, and refuses to turn back. What kind of signal, you ask? Well, "one of her eight senses clearly identifies it as familiar and compelling." Zhaan looks thoughtful. My guess is she's wondering what senses six through eight detect.

Aeryn's back at the palace. She sure gets around. Is everyone else living at the bar? She walks down a hall and then sighs, "Oh, perfect," as Cargn the Scarran steps into view. He more-or-less politely invites her to chat in private and breaks his Mr. Burns hand-clutch to wave at a doorway. She enters the room, and Cargn follows rather gingerly. I wonder how hard it is to stay balanced with that big projecting prosthetic head sticking out a foot in front of you.

Inside, Cargn del cares that Aeryn is working with Scorpius: "I saw your Luxan with him." Aeryn smiles a little while Cargn blusters that the Scarrans won't put up with Peacekeepers screwing around in "what you condescendingly call the Uncharted Territories." Is that really condescending? I didn’t know Scarrans were so sensitive to the differently charted. Cargn asks if the Peacekeepers plan to invade the system, and lord knows why he thinks Aeryn would answer that if she knew. Aeryn non-answers that she'll give Scorpius his regards, and starts to leave. Cargn says that if she's not going to be cooperative, he'll force the issue, and he starts making the air shimmer in her direction. Aeryn knocks his hand aside, which is odd because I thought the heat-shimmer-thing came from his mouth, but anyway she starts punching and kicking. The bad news is that Cargn is well protected by layers of prosthetics. The good news is that, as a result, he's not too limber. At first it's kind of like a ferret attacking an elephant. But after taking a few punches, he manages to grab Aeryn by the arms and then slams her head against a mirror. She slumps to the floor, dazed, and Cargn tosses her up onto a table littered with plants and jars. Because dumb things make me happy, I adore it when he slides her along the table, even though it doesn't seem like knocking Aeryn in the face with a few ferns is the most effective way to subdue her.

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