Look At The Princess (2): I Do, I Think

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The Princess Bride

Aeryn wanders through the bar. Or another place that uses the same set. Dregon is draped in scarlet cloth for what I guess is a wedding-related tailoring session. She pauses by him and announces, "I'm exploring the Barren Lands, if you think you can keep up." She moves on. Dregon disentangles himself from the bolt of fabric, kisses the top of his tailor's head, and races after Aeryn.

Aw! Crichton's all fetal on the foot of his bed. He suddenly sits up, and then rests his head in his hands. I guess he had a leg cramp. The soundtrack tweedles mournfully.

Pilot tells Zhaan, "Moya has slipped from my consciousness. She is gone and I am shortly to follow." Zhaan rests her head against Pilot's sadly. Heads on the puppet! Pilot clasps Zhaan gently with one of his lobster claws and urges her not to be sad. "Moya is right. We are fulfilled." Zhaan sniffs that it's been a pleasure. Pilot slowly says, "I am ready now. I have seen the stars." Zhaan kisses him on the, um, eyebrow?

Clavor is trying not to drool as he waits for a synapse to fire. Crichton bops by and says, "Hey bro, glad to see you could make it." They are both wearing the bedazzled pink suits. Clavor looks at Crichton and then walks away. Don't take it personally, Crichton; he's probably reacting to the outfit. Jenavia, who has stuck a silver-plated waffle cone in her hair, pokes her head into view and quietly wishes him much fortune. Crichton ambles through what we can now see is the pre-wedding gathering. Scorpius wanders up and says that Crichton is making a, dot dot dot, mistake. I wonder if that's actually a speech impediment. Maybe he just became all evil because he already talked that way. Crichton says it's no mistake: "I had one request for a wedding present; that you be banned from this planet forever. You know what they said? 'Yes, your highness.'" Scorpius, rather hilariously, makes a faux-abashed face and says, "Oh." He exits with a final grin.

Then music is cued up, and Katralla enters on the arm of some dude that I guess we'll assume is the king. She's wearing some scalloped pink nonsense, and also an even bigger piece of waffle cone, just to show up Jenavia. Everyone kneels, and then the Empress enters wearing the biggest waffle cone of all. Crichton has started to kneel, and the Empress quickly whispers, "Not you," into his ear. I guess they didn't have time for a rehearsal what with all the attempted assassinations. Katralla is led around the room, and touches the hands of the guests as the Empress goes on about sacrifice and compassionate governance and so on. She winds things up by saying, "To question the ability, the sincerity, or the destiny of this union, rise now, and be heard." There's a long pause while half of the guests look around like, "Are you gonna? 'Cause I was, but if you want to go first, that's fine." But nobody speaks up, so the Empress invites them all to stand and "witness the crux of power pass from one generation to the next." Hey, Rygel got all dudded up in pink and red, too. On him it looks...well, okay, it actually looks even goofier on him. The Empress concludes by telling Crichton and Katralla, "You will now be wed." She gives Scorpius a triumphant look, and he hisses to himself.

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