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The Princess Bride

Aeryn and Chiana are sitting outside on a riverbank, admiring the greenscreenery. Aeryn doesn't think she can do anything to help Crichton. Chiana asks if she's told him how she feels. Aeryn says, "He knows what he needs to know." Chiana gets to say something that is both reasonable and true: "If you want [men] to know something, you have to tell them." It applies to women, too, of course. And that's when Dregon shmoozes out of nowhere saying, "I trust I'm not disturbing you." I kinda expected Chiana to say, "Actually..." right there. He hunkers down by Aeryn, heedless of the difficulty of getting grass stains off his white outfit, and invites her to come with him on a sightseeing trip to the Barren Lands. Aeryn declines. Dregon ponders a second, and says that he senses that Aeryn is unhappy about Crichton's marriage. Aeryn harrumphs, "And why would that make me unhappy?" Over Aeryn's shoulder, Chiana tries to decide which way to roll her eyes. Dregon says, "I simply offer myself as a diversion." Aeryn snickers a little, and he adds that they could turn out to be "extremely compatible" as he shows her a vial. Aeryn looks pensive, and takes the vial from his hand. She looks into Dregon's eyes and then tosses the vial behind her, into the river. After a second, she reassures him, "Don't feel bad. It's not you, it's me. [beat] I don't like you." Dregon nods and says that she's made her feelings clear, like she didn't do that several times already. Exit Dregon.

Katralla and Crichton are still having a long talk about where their relationship is going. And repeating plot points yet again. Crichton mentions that a guard was killed in the attack, but Katralla thinks a missing guard is flimsy evidence: "He could be anywhere." Crichton nods, "Yeah, he's everywhere -- he's in heaven!" Crichton is very close to an excellent point here, but he missed it. If Katralla and the Empress are so convinced that Crichton's story is ridiculous, why was Crichton under guard to begin with? Remember Tyno telling him that they were there for Crichton's protection? Protection from who? If the only problem is that they can't believe Clavor is personally responsible for the attack, shouldn't they believe his story? And think that someone is framing Clavor, or that someone outside the Royal Family wants Clavor to be king? Ah well. Their ponderous ponderings are interrupted when a metallic ball with glowy lights floats down in front of them. Crichton stares at it for a second and asks, "Do we know this?" Katralla does not. Crichton picks up a pitcher as a weapon, and slowly moves toward the globe as he says, "Obi-Wan had one...except his is a lot smaller." The globe hovers up out of reach, and then descends a short distance away, as Katralla runs for the door. Surprise, it's locked! She starts calling for help, and Crichton suddenly swings the pitcher at the globe. It swoops back out of reach and starts emitting clouds of smoke. Is Kahaynu coming here, now? Crichton dashes over to a Plexiglas window and pounds on it without any effect. The room is filling with smoke rapidly, and Crichton rushes back over to force her down to the floor as they both start coughing. He asks if there's another door, and she says, "I don't think so." Then she spots glowy red eyes approaching through the haze. Cylons! Wait, they're not going back and forth like a ping-pong ball. Oh, hey, it's Ro-Na. She stoops down and hisses, "This way!" and then turns and begins to walk off into the smoke. Crichton and Katralla crawl after her. I guess Katralla doesn't know her way around the palace very well.

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