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The Princess Bride

D'Argo grabs Rygel by the neck and snaps, "You weren't gonna tell us that John was leaving the planet?" Chiana is doing her level best to loom at Tyno in the background, despite the fact that he's taller than she is. Rygel lies that it was the Empress's idea. The secret's out now, because the transport pod vanished after passing through their "weather layer." Can the microbes not translate "atmosphere"? Tyno's pretty sure that the transport didn't explode or land somewhere. D'Argo growls, "This is Scorpius. I'm sure of it." He exits, and Aeryn starts to follow, saying that it was Cargn. Chiana points out that Aeryn didn't fare too well against the Scarran last time, and suggests, "Let me try first." Rygel ahems that he'll be with the Empress. Aeryn punches him as he hovers out. Tyno tells Aeryn, " I'm sorry. I know the worst is being left behind." Aeryn glares at nobody, just to stay in practice.

Transport pod. Ro-Na explains that the Jakent ship is some distance off to discourage space looters. Crichton ask why anyone would loot an empty ship, so that Ro-Na can remind us that the ship is full of wedding gifts. Why we need that reminder is anyone's guess, since it's not relevant to anything. Except some more riffing by Crichton, as he insists, "No, no, you've done enough. I'm gonna talk to the Missus., you can keep the presents. You need a toaster, right?" Ro-Na repeats the word "toaster" excitedly, but then insists that she couldn't possibly accept it. I just realized that Ro-Na's voice is remarkably similar to the one I imagined for my chinchilla. You know, when we, er, talked. They weren't long conversations, okay? But if she was saying "raisins" instead of "toaster" it'd be just the same. Anyway, Crichton insists that someone should enjoy the presents, and he and Katralla can't since they'll be statues. He doesn't even know what they are. Maybe the gifts are things statues would like. Ro-Na self-righteously explains, "We live to serve, not to possess," and asks what the point of possessing things is. Crichton says he owned a lot of things on Earth that were important to him. "No more?" Ro-Na chirps. He grumbles, "I live in a converted cell. I don't have a VCR, no remote control. Damn, no Charlie Parker albums. And I do miss my '62 T-Bird." Ro-Na asks if he misses these things. What did he just say? Crichton answers, "Not really. Priorities change." Hello? What did you just say? Ro-Na admits to wondering what she would do with wealth, and sounds slightly rabid as she does so. Crichton tells her to let him know if he can help. Ro-Na significantly says, "I shall remember those words, Highness." He reminds her to call him "John." Ro-Na, distracted by visions of raisins, mutters, "Yes, Highness, yes." It seems like this scene would have been slightly more interesting if we didn't already know that Scorpius had paid her off. Actually, it seems like this scene was originally written to take place earlier, in between the scene where she rescued Crichton and Katralla, and the scene with Scorpius. And then it got moved to the transport pod for some reason.

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