Look At The Princess (2): I Do, I Think

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The Princess Bride

Katralla is smoothing her hair in a mirror when Jenavia enters and begins her own hair-patting session. Jenavia says, "Poor Katralla, so unaware of what it takes." Katralla retorts, "To be a slut?" Cat fight! Jenavia sneers, "To keep a man. I heard yours ran off rather than marry you." Katralla pointedly notes that someone tried to kill Crichton. "Probably my brother. Your fiancee. What does that say about you?" Jenavia turns to Katralla and smirks, "That I pick winners." Presumably Jenavia is just trying to get a clue as to where Crichton is, so that she'll know if she has to kill Clavor. Katralla has time to say, "You disgust me," and then her head is slammed into the mirror. As is Jenavia's. By Aeryn, who says, "I don't know what game's being played on this little planet of yours, and I don't really care. What I care about is that a good friend of mine is not hurt. In any sense of the word. And if he is, I will personally take revenge on both of your overly made-up faces." Hee. Aeryn releases the struggling women and leaves. Katralla exits through another door, while Jenavia goes back to checking her hair while probably thinking, "I could so take her."

Clavor is whining at Cargn while clutching a large blue pillow for comfort. Heh. He's still going on about how Crichton abused him, and swats the pillow before tossing it onto a bench. Cargn points out that Clavor's gas attack chased Crichton away so Clavor won. Clavor harrumphs that he thought Cargn was behind the death globe, and snits, "I wouldn't kill my own sister." So Scorpius snuck the death globe in? Cargn observes, "Then you are perhaps unworthy to be regent." He repeats that Crichton's gone, and that Katralla's "birthversary" is in two days. "Birthversary." And "weather layer." Zhaan had some stiff competition in the "unintentional humor" category, I must say. They're interrupted when Chiana enters, walking even more like a marionette than usual. Cargn whirls on her, and she sidles past him carefully as she says, "It's so, so hard to conduct a conspiracy without privacy. Well, ask me, I should know." Clavor asks what she wants, and she hops up on a couch as she introduces herself as a Nebari. Clavor clunkily steps onto the couch after her, and she hops off while telling Clavor that the Nebari can defeat Command Carriers and cleanse minds. Cargn steps off the couch after her and says, "We are both impressed and daunted. By all means, Nebari, continue." Chiana nervously tells Cargn that if anything happens to Crichton, he should "expect...expect retribution! Yeah. Retribution." Exit Chiana, queen of incompetent threats. Clavor, understandably, wonders what the hell that was about, and Cargn says that clearly Crichton's friends don't know where he is. He assures Clavor, "You are going to rule." Clavor grins.

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