Look At The Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton

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The Runaway Groom

Moya swooshes along. Chiana is standing in their shower as she asks D'Argo why Crichton spared Scorpius. D'Argo, full of foreshadowing, says, "It was a mistake. One I feel will come back to haunt us." Gee, you think? Chiana confirms that Scorpius can't follow them, and D'Argo says they're safe for the time being. Chiana wraps a shimmery towel around herself as she asks if Crichton told D'Argo what happened to Moya. D'Argo says that whatever happened, Zhaan and Pilot aren't talking about it. Chiana sits and kisses one of D'Argo's tentacles, then says she's proud of him. D'Argo says, "I'm proud of you. You handled yourself well." Chiana giggles, "You handled me-self well, too." She asks what's wrong, and D'Argo sighs that he's sad that Crichton will never see his daughter again. Chiana observes that it "hits close to home." D'Argo says, "The fact that I may never see my son again is a grief I would wish upon no one. It pains me to think of what he's going through right now." Chiana admits that she feels the same way. After a moment she strokes his face and adds, "And you thought we weren't compatible."

In the maintenance bay, Aeryn has propped her legs up and is lifting herself up and down with her arms. I could have just said, "She's exercising," but I'm too impressed to gloss over it. Crichton walks in and heads for the Farscape. He conversationally notes that the "surgical reconstructers" patched her leg up nicely. Aeryn says nothing. After a moment, Crichton says, "Y'know, I was worried about you when you didn't show up for the wedding." He looks over at Aeryn, who keeps bobbing up and down silently. He turns back to the ship and more quietly adds, "I'm just glad you're okay." Aeryn glances at him quickly, and keeps bobbing. He concludes, "And I have noticed that you're not talking to me." Aeryn lowers her legs to the floor and reaches out to grab something. Crichton looks up to see that she's holding one of the vials. She slowly walks over, holding the vial gingerly like it's nitroglycerin, which it kind of is. Her eyes are furious and scared, and looking at her just, ow. High-pitched strings on the soundtrack, in case we're not tense enough yet. Crichton takes the vial and places a drop on his tongue. He holds it out for her, and she gingerly allows him to put a drop in her mouth. I think she's actually trembling like a bunny. Breaks my heart. They lean in to each other, and poke their tongues out to touch. And then they kiss deeply, the music swells, everything's going to work out for these crazy kids...but then Aeryn abruptly pulls her head back. She slowly meets his eyes and now she just looks dead inside. Oof. We go to a reverse shot, with her back to us, as Crichton looks at her, stonefaced. Aeryn turns to face the camera, and then Claudia Black performs the best special effect on this show: she blinks, and her eyes start to light up as her entire expression changes. She glances up, her eyes widen and go from empty to joyful, and a small smile starts to spread over her face as she walks away past the camera. We push in on Crichton, who makes a face like he's still savoring the taste in his mouth, and as he starts to grin and we fade out. And then I exhale.

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