Look At The Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton

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The Runaway Groom

Clavor and Cargn are pedeconferencing in the gardens. They're walking really quickly, too. I wonder if it's easier for Cargn to stay balanced that way. I'm a little bit obsessed with that costume. Anyway, Cargn grumbles that they shouldn't be seen together until Clavor is king. Clavor harrumphs that Crichton's body has vanished, and so someone must have revitalized him. Cargn asks, "Without his head, is that really a concern?" Clavor spits that the data indicates that Crichton's head was reattached beforehand. He grabs Cargn by his collar and says, "Do something, oh magnificent representative of a supposedly master race, or you will surely die at my mother's hand. And I? I will cheer her on!" As Clavor stomps off, Cargn growls and makes the air go woobly. In close-up you can really see all the fine detail on the head.

Rock climbing, Joel. Out on the cliffs, Aeryn calls down to ask Dregon what's wrong. Which is funny, because what's wrong is that he's clinging to the side of a rather crumbly cliff hanging over a rocky shore. She's not very observant. Dregon unconvincingly insists that he's fine, but doesn't move. Aeryn starts back down as she asks if he's injured. Dregon finally confesses, "We're too high!" Oh, kids, never toke up before you go mountaineering. Aeryn descends to just above him and asks, "You've done this before, haven't you? Is that right? You were rated expert, correct?" Dregon confesses, "At the training facility." He's never climbed outside before. Aeryn, exasperated, moves down and gets him to grab her hand. Dregon starts to panic. She tries to talk him through it as one of his feet slips. He tries to regain his footing, and when he slides again Aeryn lets go to steady herself. So he starts clinging to her pant cuff as Aeryn shouts, "No, not my leg, the wall! Hold on to the waaaaaall!" And then they both plummet off the cliff and down toward the waves. Isn't this what the safety line is for?

While the various factions are searching for Crichton, Jenavia has taken him camping. This is quite the outdoorsy episode. She leads him into a tent packed with supplies, and Crichton asks where they are. "Somewhere no one will ever find you," she non-answers. He starts to complain about the vagueness of the reply, but decides to collapse to the ground instead. Jenavia gives him a kick and confirms that John Crichton is his real name. She asks, "And which Sebacean house is that from?" Jenavia has changed into a slightly nicer looking version of the climbing outfit Aeryn's wearing. Crichton is still in his scarlet wedding clothes. Crichton blearily says, "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you." Basically, Jenavia continues pestering him with questions. For his part, Crichton tries out some of his best seductive glances while declining to provide any answers. Jenavia did notice that Scorpius wasn't acting like someone who was on the same side as Crichton, so good for her. She sums things up: "If you're not Sebacean, you're not Peacekeeper. If you're not Peacekeeper, you're not Special Directorate. If you're not Special Directorate, you can't be a Disrupter. And if you're not a Disrupter --" She grabs Crichton's neck and pops out one of her pointy weapons. The ones on her wrists, I mean. Aiming the blade at his throat she concludes, "-- Then you know too much about me." As we fade out, Crichton says, "Oh." Heh.

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