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The Runaway Groom

And we fade back in to the same scene because there's no commercial break. During the interval, Crichton has apparently explained his situation. Jenavia says, "That's either the most pathetic fabrication I've ever heard, or the most pathetic life I could ever imagine." Crichton interjects, "Like there aren't some whacked-out antecedents to a chick with the stiletto in her wrist." He must be feeling better if he's using phrases like "whacked-out antecedents." Jenavia ponders for a moment and retracts her blade, releasing him. Crichton says, "Better," and rather hopefully asks if she killed Scorpius. Jenavia says, "Leave bodies lying around? They'd look for a killer. It's not like he's going to report the assault." She tells him that she saved him because he's the best way of keeping the Scarrans from forming an alliance with Faber'Ge. She pleads, "If I fail, so many innocent lives will be lost. Help me do my job, and I'll help you get what you want, whatever it is." He ponders that and warns, "Things never work out like you plan." She smirks, "That's what makes it fun."

Aeryn has improvised splints immobilizing her left leg. She drags some branches over to where Dregon is laying on the beach and slowly eases herself down to the ground. Both of them have scrapes and cuts on their faces. Dregon asks if there's another way to contact help. There's not. As she adjusts her splints, Aeryn says, "Inland is our only hope. Unless of course you want to stay." Dregon begs her not to leave him. Aeryn points at him with a knife and snaps, "Don't tempt me!" Okay, so they went rock climbing with inadequate safety lines and no means of calling for help if they got into trouble. If the Darwin Awards held a banquet, these two would be guests of honor.

Moya. Zhaan blesses Pilot, who seems to be unconscious. Suddenly the echoey voice of Kahaynu says, "Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan!" He swirls into being once more, and a disgusted Zhaan observes, "You live." I guess she repented her repentance. Kahaynu replies, "As does Moya." The ship's lights begin coming on, and Pilot slowly opens his eyes. Zhaan sobs, "What kind of repellant game is this?" Kahaynu says that after exploring Moya, he knew she was "a worthy soul." But he needed to know if Zhaan was worthy: "These are gentle beasts, who will ultimately follow the directions of those in control. Should you desire it, Priestess, you could produce an army of killing machines." Pilot weakly says that Zhaan would never do such a thing. Kahaynu agrees that Zhaan has demonstrated that she would not let anyone exploit Moya. Did she? If you say so. Zhaan doesn't much care about being validated, so she orders Kahaynu off the ship. Kahaynu agrees to leave, but says that Moya wants to tell Zhaan something first. He raises his hand, and Moya's synthesized voice says, "One request." Zhaan smiles and says she'll do anything. "Sing!" Moya throbs. Zhaan laughs happily. Aw. Well, all of that made precious little sense, but it is kind of moving when Moya talks.

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