Look At The Princess (3): The Maltese Crichton

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The Runaway Groom

Crichton tells Jenavia, "Just a little tingling in the hands and feet. I'm good to go." Jenavia says that there are dangerous animals around at night. Well, actually, what she says is, "Local animals are carnivorous after dark." So, during the day they're vegetarians? That's peculiar. I'm gonna assume she meant the first version. Crichton says they'll leave at dawn then, adding, "I have people to protect." Jenavia says that she does, too, and asks if she can trust him. They look at each other intently as Crichton slowly says, "I'm a regular boy scout. I do what I have to do." She coos, "I assume you do it well." Crichton enters the tent.

In his room, D'Argo sniffs inquisitively, and then the door opens and Scorpius enters. Scorpius says that he's found Cargn, and wants D'Argo's help in killing him. When D'Argo asks why he should do that, Scorpius explains that Cargn has Chiana. "And you want her." D'Argo asks, "And you don't?" Scorpius just wants Crichton. D'Argo says, "He'll die first." Scorpius gets very close to D'Argo and menaces, "You underestimate the strength of a relationship. Even your friend does not yet understand."

Back at the campsite, supper is cooking over a fire. And Crichton and Jenavia are cooking in the river. They're naked, kissing in the water and splashing around happily. Well, it's slightly random, but it's nice that he's finally getting some.

Later, they're drying out by the fire, and Jenavia removes her egg-necklace saying, "I want you to have this." She holds it in front of her and suddenly a bolt of energy shoots out and zaps a nearby bush. "A little stuns, and a lot kills." So that's what she shot Scorpius with. He takes the necklace gingerly as she warns him that she may not be able to protect him from all of the baddies tomorrow. He whispers, "One step at a time," thoughtfully, and apparently the first step is more kissing.

Dregon and Aeryn are camped out by their own campfire, but they're considerably less frolicsome. Dregon apologizes for being dumb. He doesn't put it that way, but it's what he means. Aeryn asks if he always pursues women he doesn't know. Dregon says, "If I'm drawn to them. Would you be lying here, helpless, giving up, if Crichton were back there waiting for you?" Aeryn sniffs that he wouldn't understand. Dregon asks if her broken leg hurts, and she says she's trained to deal with it. Dregon says, "You're not trained to deal with emotions, so you're afraid of them." She looks confused as he continues, "Emotional pain. You wear it like a badge. It means you've been there. And it can't get callused, because each fresh hurt stings like the first." Oh, it can so. Um, I've heard. Aeryn sneers, "Why would you want that?" Dregon rhapsodizes, "Because of all the days before it hurts. The good days. When you're in love." He says it's too bad Aeryn can't go back and tell Crichton how she feels. Aeryn lies down and sniffs that it wouldn't make any difference: "He's a frelling statue." Dregon points out that even as a statue, he can hear and see. "He'll know, Aeryn. At least he'll know."

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