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This episode and the next hearken back to good old, bad old Season Three, in that they follow the same timeframe with two split teams. I really, really like the other one. But this one's fine too. All the boys -- John, D'Argo, Scorpius, and Rygel -- are going to Man Camp, and the girls -- Aeryn, Chiana, Sikozu, and Noranti -- are going...shopping. Before those red flags go up, though, remember this is Farscape, which means that this week all the boys will go on and on about their feelings, and next week the girls will blow hell out of all kinds of things. Everybody else is already on Lo'La and a transport pod, waiting for John and Aeryn.

There's Pilot in his usual place, and at the base of his station there's John, and sitting between his legs there's Aeryn. The Lovers. Finally. Aeryn gives John a gift -- Christmas was frelled, remember -- and looks back sweetly to see his reaction as he opens it. It's a remote control. Her smile is bigger than her face. "Merry Christmas," she says ironically, and they laugh. "Is there something that comes with this?" She tells him there is, and it's huge -- taking over his room, in fact -- and John loudly tells Pilot he's changed his mind: "Tell them we're not coming." He tells Aeryn his plan, to stay in bed and watch TV, eat popcorn and "act like normal people." Evil eye! Evil eye! Stop being happy! John fiddles with the remote control, about half as in love with it as he is with her.

Pilot calls them back to reality, name-dropping "Captain D'Argo" as an aid to his point, and John sighs. "Gotta go. I gotta go look after Scorpius." She leans back into him, saying they should do it together, and he reminds her that's the one thing they can't do together, or else the jig would be up. "Besides," he says to her exasperated sigh, "you've got to look after the girls." They argue over which is suckier, girl time or "Mental Arts Training Camp," and Aeryn niggles him that he could really use some mental discipline, but he exposits that this is going to be coming from a friend of Scorpy's. "You got the better job," he whines. We'll see about that. She's not sold either: "Rummaging around on a dead Leviathan settlement, looking for a Moya part? Oh, that's infinitely more thrilling." Hee, I love that. "A Moya part." Never let it be said that the technobabble overwhelmed us. Pilot tells them that Chiana's bugging him for Aeryn now, which is ten times more serious than D'Argo, because Chiana is annoying. John and Aeryn kiss and say goodbye, and wish each other a Merry Christmas. They're so cute they'll probably both die at this point. Like right there in Pilot's den. Boom.

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