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John wakes up alone in a metal box surrounded by grates, with glowing coals beneath him. He tries to sit up, resting a hand on the fire grate, burning his hand and sending up sparks. "Damn," he says, and looks around and out the top grill: "Hey! D'Argo? Anybody hear me? ...This must be detention, then." He hits the top grill with the heel of his hand a couple of times, calling out again.

Rygel explains to D'Argo that Macton is lying. They're sitting at the refectory table. How does he know this? "Because he's a Peacekeeper? Because he has to be. Look, he's trying to get to you. And it's working." How well? "Lo'Laan and I were happy together. He can't change that. I won't let him." Too late. You're shitting all over it. Rygel calls this Exhibit A that Macton's getting to him. "I should have killed him." Rygel reminds him that was supposed to be basically the post-S3 hiatus, right? While Pilot and Noranti and Moya and Chiana were all off getting raped, and John was nursing his own self-pity on a dying Leviathan, D'Argo was going to go kill Macton? So how come we're revisiting it now? Let's ask the screenwriters. "Part of me knew that wouldn't bring Lo'Laan back -- and another part couldn't resist letting him know that I knew exactly where he was." Ah. Well, that explains that. "Pay attention to the part that wants to kill him," says awesome Rygel. "He's given you a second chance to take your revenge." D'Argo waffles -- "I'm not sure I want to," so, you'd really just run around bitching and asking everybody else to cosign your drama, but God forbid you actually take care of business. Got it -- and Rygel's fed up: "For yotz sake! Kill him and be done with it!"

John sits in his cage -- this and Rygel are the only things I like about this episode -- whistling the obligatory Bridge On The River Kwai joke. Katoya looks down at John, where his hands are saying zero-four. "Are you real?" asks John. "Are you?" Katoya responds all "pain is inside the box"-style. (Katoya's a douchebag, but this is his rodeo and his house.) John bitches gibberish at him and asks to be let out; Katoya drops a key through the grill and it lands in the coals below him, and begins to melt. "You weren't quick enough. Get a key and you may come out." He stands up and walks away, and John whistles, like a bratty like kid, until he's gone -- then looks down, at the coals, and up, out of the cage. I like the cage because it says: will you or no, you will get better and you will grow. Keep screaming, but you're not going anywhere until you learn. So that John's whining and screaming stops looking like bathos and starts looking like an intervention happening.

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