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See: Down on the table, Macton becomes Lo'Laan, begging him to stop. D'Argo wows. Macton comes back and points out that D'Argo is acting like an idiot: "Look at you. Your uncontrollable rage." Everything he says, about D'Argo anyway, is true, but we don't have to believe it, because in the final analysis D'Argo's right and he's wrong, which invalidates anything we learn during the episode. D'Argo raises a fist, just like Macton in the vision previous. "You're violent," Macton concludes, and D'Argo calms down. "You really think you'd be able to protect Lo'Laan from that? No." He's right, the whole time, and then it gets erased in the weird lazy Frankensteining of the plot points. "You must have known the truth. You've always known." Macton leaves, once again completely justified by D'Argo, forever and ever amen, and D'Argo watches him go and wonders if he's right.

Another key drops past John in his cage, and John grabs for it again, screaming in pain. He looks up, and this time it was Scorpius. John glares up, licking his burnt fingers. "You'd better have a key." Pretending they're all adults here, Scorpius mentions that Katoya's told him John's "been experiencing some setbacks." John asks if Katoya's spilled yet about the Skreeth, and Scorpius shrugs: "That is relatively unimportant." John protests that it's important to him, but Scorpius points out the not-entirely-true fact that it was "unsuccessful." I see where he's going with it, but DK might differ in opinion about that. "That's okay, then. I don't need to be in here...Earth is safe, everything's fine." Which is entirely the point, and Scorpius finally lets him in on it: "No, Earth is not safe, and neither are you. The Scarrans know you exist. They are already coming for you, John. You cannot run away for your whole life, and I...cannot protect you from them." I'm with John on his inability to understand, still, the lengths that Scorpius would go to, to keep him safe. As a man. But as a viewer, we know. We've seen things John hasn't. "Little Cat A: I don't want you to protect me, because -- Little Cat B -- you haven't been doing such a bang-up job of that in the first place, which brings us to Little Cat C: get me the hell out of this hole!" John ends in a scream. I'm feeling that. Except for Little Cat D, which is that Scorpius is always right, even when he's wrong. He loses control precisely once, in a field of flowers. Everything else is part of the chess game.

Scorpius lies down on the grate, looking down at John. "You are undergoing a very specific training. Anti-Scarran training." John blusters that he already figured that out: "It's not the heat, it's the humidity," he says, holding up his hand with the BK grill-marks across the palm. "The heat mechanism the Scarran employs is just the beginning, John. If that heat succeeds in disabling your mind's defenses, there is no fact, no fear, no deep secret, that they will be unable to extract." John, stupidly: "I'll take my chances on my own, thank you." He's in an extremity currently, and like I said, I like this plot thread a lot, so I'm okay with John from here on out. "You misunderstand my objectives, John. Without Katoya's training, when the Scarrans find you...they will take your wormhole knowledge, and then they will kill you. I would never allow that." John calls him Scorpy-Sue: "After all we've meant to each other, you'd kill me first." Scorpius snorts, but I think he's actually a little hurt. He pulls himself further over John's head. "You have such a limited mental capacity, John! But apparently...an abundant will to prevail. Well, my advice to you is to use that will right here, right now. Katoya is the only one that can give you the tools to resist the Scarrans." He slams his hand on the grate in frustration and takes off. John resumes whistling, like he's won this round. Which is exactly what he would think, isn't it?

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