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Katoya and Scorpius have a little chat. "Your Crichton may not survive the training." Scorpius has no doubt whatsoever that John will be fine, and there's pride in this: "He is like me in that respect: he'll survive." Scorpius has never been under any illusions about his role on the show, and I like that about him: he's just something to resist, something to push up against. "For you to have survived so long, my teachings must have been helpful," says Katoya, and Scorpius admits they've saved his life "on countless occasions." Katoya mentions that he's tried, in the past, to get Scorpius over the coolant suit -- "And yet, you still have use of one." Which is interesting, because the coldsuit has always been primarily a symbol of his difference, his internal division, and it's interesting that now, after last week specifically, we're learning that Scorpius has places he still could go. People he still aspires to be. If Zhaan was above John, pulling him up, once she died there was Scorpius, below, pushing John higher. Trying to get higher himself: "One can always learn more." Katoya nods slightly, and looks away. Scorpius asks for three favors. It's a fairytale, still.

"Do I owe so many?" Scorpius -- as though this is a selling point -- reminds Katoya that he spared him not only from Peacekeeper captivity, but also the Aurora Chair. The latter of which Katoya's confident he could have survived. I believe him. Scorpius breathes in and doesn't speak. "Proceed," says Katoya, getting them out of this particular conversational impasse. "Firstly, intensify Crichton's training." Even if it kills him? It won't, but anyway, "without the training he'll die anyway." The second favor is to remove Macton from the equation, because he's become a distraction -- "maybe a dangerous one." Katoya protests that he's done nothing wrong, and Scorpius suggests that no matter what he says, he's going to try to kill D'Argo. Katoya shrugs and admits it could go either way, but he's not letting either thing happen on his watch. "Still, some preemptive action could be called for." And the third favor? The third favor is about love. The show jumps back and forth through so many required hoops in order to keep John and Scorpius tied together, because you can't just call it love, but love is what it is, and Scorpius gets that. They're the only unique creatures in the galaxy -- the only ones who can survive the Peacekeepers and the Sebaceans. John is neither; Scorpius is both, and in both becomes neither. They are brothers. John will never hear him say this. It's not about the things John sees him do: "Information about a species I have no knowledge of. This species has recently attacked Crichton. May I describe it for you?" Relatively unimportant my ass, you old softie.

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