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John sits cross-legged in his cage, hands on his knees, as the walls themselves turn on like a giant toaster, glowing orange. Another key drops, he burns himself again. D'Argo appears, asking if he's okay, and John -- still thinking he's in detention -- asks D'Argo to help him out of the cage. They push and pull and nothing happens. "It's gonna need at least a Qualta, or a pulse grenade," D'Argo says, and offers John a drink, pouring it through the grate and into his mouth. That's cool. I like that: the drips hit the grate below and hiss, sizzle and steam and pop. D'Argo then immediately begins to bitch about his psychodrama for a million years, and the whole time John is like, "That sucks, but I'm in a room and the room that I'm in is on fire, so can we put this on hold and help me?" But D'Argo can't eve hear him, just goes on and on about maybe he hit her, maybe he didn't, and John tells him not to even go there. "I am there, John." Because if it's possible, then there's more that could be true. "D'Argo, many things are possible: Macton is just filling you with possibilities." I like that a lot, even as John's succinctly giving himself and D'Argo both the pass, it's still a good line. "What Lo'Laan did...that's what matters. Whatever she did, she did for you. That's what's important. And that means something." Which is where I can't follow, because of the blackmail aspect. The unexplored horror of this, which we never really approach: if she stayed, it was because she was asking for it. That's the only place this line goes, I'm sorry. And as strongly as I feel she should have packed a bag and tucked Jothee under her arm and written the whole thing off as a childhood mistake, and waited for D'Argo to become a man, that doesn't mean she was asking for it. It means D'Argo asked her to leverage it against loneliness, and that's uncool, and D'Argo never gets called on it. "That means that it's possible I killed the woman who loved me more than life." IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. But thank God the show loves you enough, and wants so strongly to avoid alienating the audience, that you can wake up at the end of the episode fresh as a daisy and say, "It was all a dream!"

Katoya brings D'Argo some tea or something in the refectory, and waits for him to speak. "Um," D'Argo fidgets, "probably won't be apparent from my actions, but I really do have a great deal of respect for your work here. I'm sure many warriors have been made great from your teachings, I just won't be one of them." This is a moment he can be proud of; Katoya tells him not to sell himself short. "Mental strength is, uh...well, it's not my strength. I know that." I'm just a guy! "...It's why I've come to you." Katoya asks him who the hell hasn't experienced turmoil and emotional upheaval. What makes him so fucking special. "Can you help me...find an answer?" Katoya asks him what he wants to know. "What kind of monster I really am." No kind! Everything's okay! Go back to sleep!

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