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"Don't try to resist. It's my gift to you, D'Argo." It's the truest statement in the episode, but only because Macton's subjectivity is only half-real -- the episode's got D'Argo in the hot box. D'Argo, through his tears, strikes out again and again. "Your own hyper-rage, in a place where you can rot in it forever. Just you and your hyper-rage, for eternity." These actually are the choices. He's not wrong. D'Argo begins to wig, turns into rage, screaming and howling, swinging at nothing at all. In the taskchair, D'Argo begs himself to focus. Somewhere on the other side of pain, he calls back to himself, begging himself to focus. In the cell of his rage, he continues to scream, hair and tentacles a blur of rage. Focus. "No!" And he burns. Focus. Slowly his screams die into breathing. Lo'Laan rises in reverse, pulling the blade from herself, looking at him with infinite love and caring. And Macton watches. D'Argo's breathing goes quiet and calm, and he glares at Macton; with a simple jerk his chains fall away. "You're lying. Every word you've said is a lie." Macton protests, but D'Argo's on the other side of it now. "You never knew Lo'Laan. And you knew nothing about love." He hits Macton; it's a monologue. Macton drops to the floor of D'Argo's house; D'Argo stands over him, holding a key, molten in his hand. "I know what Lo'Laan went through for our love -- I wish I could have loved her half as well." Macton tries to rise, gritting out that D'Argo loved her to death. He tries to strike D'Argo but is easily deflected. D'Argo pushes him back down with that fist. Macton's bewildered: "You do not have this power!" But that's not true either. "Lo'Laan told me I do have power. Over my hyper-rage. It's more than enough to control you in here." Things go very I know kung fu, but I don't mind. It's the truest story in the world. Macton, speaking from his Peacekeeper self: "You cannot kill me. Not in here." D'Argo just shakes his head, finally full of grace: "I have no intention of killing you. I loved my wife...but you wouldn't know that, you didn't know Lo'Laan. I did. She could have left me for my failings -- maybe she should have -- but I know this. She would never have left her son without a mother." Ergo, we're still not at the truth. (And I think maybe that was the out clause for the blackmail stuff as well, that "maybe she should have." Maybe I've been too harsh.) "Show me your memories. Tell me why you killed Lo'Laan."

Macton gives: "Trying to save her from you." Macton stands with Lo'Laan in the kitchen, voice raised. "D'Argo will be dishonorably discharged, jailed for as long as you need." Lo'Laan protests that he's done nothing wrong; Macton says he's done everything wrong. He's not talking about abuse; he's talking about buffalo soldiers. Of the inherent arrogance of a Luxan thinking he's a person. Peacekeepers are so gross. "You'll thank me for this, sister." He turns and starts to walk away; Lo'Laan grabs a knife and rushes Macton. In the struggle, she is stabbed, and falls to the floor. Rage. Hers, now. And Macton's to come: "It was your fault. She attacked me. My reflexes took control." Which is no more, and no less, an excuse than the hyper-rage: "My Peacekeeper training. It was over before I realized." I buy it. It's kind of a trip to the dentist, but I buy it. Macton catches her and lowers her to the floor, blood puddling out. "It's not the whole truth," D'Argo pushes. "She was beaten." This is gross: "It was your fault she died: you had to pay. I had to make you pay." D'Argo's horrified; we watch as Macton -- eyes averted at first -- makes a fist, and begins to strike her body. Over and over and over. Macton shakes and cries, in the furnace; D'Argo releases him and walks away, leaving him there. On the arena floor, Macton kneels and punches air, over and over, sobbing. D'Argo breathes, and releases himself from the taskchair, and looks across at Macton, slumped in his chair, his Master lying on the floor, his head against a steel pillar. Things do not look good for Katoya.

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