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D'Argo flies Lo'La toward Moya; John sits in the jump seat, covering his hands in burn gel. (I originally thought it was D'Argo's DNA, because I am apparently totally grody, and I only just now figured that out.) Scorpius sits, back straight, behind them. John asks if D'Argo's okay, and for once it's true: "Fine." John asks if he wants him to drive and he says no. Rygel says that, if he was "fine," he'd have just killed Macton, instead of leaving him there. D'Argo admits that trapping Macton in "a coma with his own nightmares" was far less merciful. "I'm not that enlightened." I like this episode, I guess. It's just that in context, there are too many weird notes and "boys will be boys" for them to get off this scot-free, or this much higher on the tree. "So tell me, John. Were you able to obtain the key?" John doesn't look at Scorpius; he starts whistling the song from River Kwai again. Scorpius, all In your face, bitch! I totally love you!, clears his throat. "Incidentally, that creature that attacked you on Earth. It might interest you to know it is called a Skreeth. Apparently it can communicate telepathically over vast distances." John doesn't look up, continuing to spread the clear gel on his hands. "Katoya give you that?" That's Crichton for "thanks." Scorpius points out that "if it did map Earth's location, it may well have passed on that information." To Grayza, almost certainly -- so the Peacekeepers know where Earth is. Schemes within schemes within lies within truths. Just because I love you doesn't mean I won't use you up like a Kleenex, bitch! But he relents: eventually Grayza might go for Earth, but really, Grayza doesn't want Earth, she wants John. "Why do I always attract the psychos?" John snits, hilariously. Chiana, Scorpius, Crais, Grazya, and Aeryn all simultaneously go, "...HEY!"

John asks again, as D'Argo's wondering if he can plausibly deny the fact that he also kind of takes offense, if D'Argo's really okay. Heavy hangs the head, and whatnot: "Yeah, I'll be fine." And he will. But he's got things on his mind. "Things I've done. Things I can't take back." Which is all very self-dramatizing and Zhaan of him, but it occurs to me that for somebody who deals with the problems in front of his face and then goes on to the next one, there's nothing scarier than realizing sometimes the blood doesn't run clear. And you go on living anyway. And that's enough of a price that I guess I love this episode after all. I love you, Ka D'Argo. There's still time.

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