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John points one finger in the air: "Excuse me. Question. Before we commit to your class..." Katoya interrupts and asks if John's afraid of the pain he's been talking about nonstop throughout the scene. "Look, I can put up with the fairy crystal and the jammies, but I need to know what else we get with the gym membership." While this question -- which never gets answered, because it's not a real question -- is being asked, D'Argo is having a major flip-out. He smells a smell, which it would seem he began to smell when the mysterious dude entered the room, and then inside his head there's a man's face, and then a flash of Lo'Laan, his wife, and then the face again, with a fist in the air. "What the blitz is that smell?" he asks, and Rygel offers that it's "the stench of that frelling Charrid." Charrids look like if Predator had a face.

"No," D'Argo shakes his head. "I know that odor." John sees the dude take off his hood, and D'Argo freaks out and jumps up, screaming, "Macton!" Dude, Macton is hot! I wasn't expecting that at all; he looks like Heath Ledger's older, more financially stable brother. John tries to grab D as Katoya watches from the sidelines. D'Argo smacks Macton about the face, all, "You killed my wife!" and then picks him up off the floor. John tries to rush D'Argo, but Katoya grabs him: "This is not your fight." Macton's like, "My sister that you killed? That wife?" D'Argo accuses him of framing him and sending him to prison, but Macton's like, "Please. You didn't want the truth then, and you're not interested in it now." I promise to remember how this actually goes this time. The last part of this episode is always like a blur for some reason. I spent most of Season One afraid that D'Argo actually killed her. Which maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but we'll know by the end of the episode, and then I'll probably forget again.

John pushes past Katoya and runs to D'Argo, pulling him back and begging him to chill. John hanging from his arm like a tiny little girlfriend, D'Argo continues to front on Macton, who's all, "Ahh, let him hit me! Like he hit Lo'Laan! Beat his own wife to death!" How come the storied hyper-rage, about which this episode is, doesn't kick in at any point in this episode? I mean, how come it doesn't take? This is totally the dude who ruined his whole life and got his son put into slavery. Come on. D'Argo tosses John away and rushes Macton, who easily flips him onto the floor. Even Rygel is like, "Snap!" D'Argo gets back up once again and comes at Macton. They do some fighting stuff for awhile, and then Katoya Jedis them across the floor in different directions. "That ends this," he says. THE END!

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