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More Tronball, Katoya tells Scorpius to try again, I guess he does, I don't know what they're up to exactly. "Do not withhold your efforts." Scorpius glares and hisses and spits. "Nor is anger a substitute for clarity. The task may be completed with a minimum of physical harm." More Tronball. Scorpius ends up face to face with the icosahedron, which is saying in a tiny red voice, nononononononononono. Ben Browder is officially hotter than Bruce Boxleitner, but that's like saying infinity is officially larger than the biggest number you can think of. Katoya finally offers to end the demonstration, what with all the creepy grunting of Scorpius, but he's all, "I was just starting to enjoy the pain," which makes Katoya laugh. He earths the energy or whatever and everybody stares at everybody else. "Well, that was instructive," John says to Scorpius, who has rejoined them. "Kinda lead with your chin there." Heh. Scorpius assures him it's not meant to be painless, and that means it is meant to suck. I mean, I love the whole concept and this episode doesn't bug me in that way -- mostly it just drags -- but how the fuck are you gonna try and give John Crichton the Hard Knocks speech? He's been driven absolutely crazy about fifteen times. He knows from Hard Knocks. On the other hand, a poetic reminder never hurt: "It never will be painless, John." John bounces with a "Huh."

John finds Macton standing in the refectory, and decides to ask what the hell he's doing there. Macton's like, "D'Argo said I was supposed to die horribly, so..." John's not interested: "Oh. See, I was just wonderin' why you followed me to the bathroom." Point: Crichton. Macton, not getting the subtleties, continues the convo: "I don't want to kill D'Argo, but I won't allow him to kill me to conceal what he did. He killed his wife." John demurs, but Macton pushes: "Do you know what Luxan hyper-rage is?" Oh boy does he. Weirdly, it's more homoerotic than Macton following you into the head. "You know what a 'crock' is? D'Argo says he didn't do it, that's good enough for me." Macton tries to explain: "He may not know what he did." (Don't we already know that there are accompanying blackouts? The episode seems to think we don't.) "Right," snits John. "Eight cycles and change, just...zoop! Slips his mind." Macton notifies John about the blackouts, and his exit line is all, "Any honest Luxan can tell you that." Well, well! Guess that solves that.

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