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Do Not Go Gentle

I know you guys have been waiting for this one (and the next one) for a while. If it's any consolation, there was almost a four-month break between when "A Bug's Life" and this episode originally aired. Wow, look at me, thinking for a minute that there was any chance you didn't already know that. It has been a long time. Let's get to it.

We open on Aeryn working a hard standing bag, hard. I wonder if she visualizes people she hates as she's throwing her techniques. If that's the case, the poor bag is coming to realize that she hates some people a lot. Crichton enters and wonders whether she should be working out so soon after Larraq's attack, but Aeryn grits that her muscles have completely healed. I'd make a joke about her heart taking longer to mend, if I thought I could get away with it without crying. Crichton tells her they called her three times for dinner. She snits that she's not hungry, and he evenly tells her that it was rude of her not to reply, particularly when he was the one who had to guard her plate from a certain gluttonous puppet. She barks at him to leave her alone, but he says he's not going anywhere until she tells him what the problem is. After a few more punches, she vomits what looks like it might be blood and collapses onto the floor. Crichton kneels at her side and notes she's ice cold. I'm not really understanding her physiology here, and I guess it's just as well I'm getting that out of the way, because her upcoming explanation isn't exactly going to clear things up. Crichton wants to go to Zhaan for help, but Aeryn just wants to get to her Prowler. Crichton takes a moment to work out her implication before horrifiedly telling her that she's not going to die. A steely Aeryn tells Crichton that her muscles are in fact healed, but Larraq's knife pierced her "paraphoral nerve," which doesn't regenerate. She goes on that within fifty or sixty arns, the nerve will fail, with fatal consequences. "There's nothing you can do about it." If she thinks Crichton is going to lie down and agree, maybe she's confused from the long hiatus as well. She tells him that the only treatment is a tissue graft from a genetically compatible donor. It would be sad if they found such a donor, only to have him turn out to be gay. What do you mean, that wouldn't matter? What kind of crazy society are they running here? Crichton points out they've got "two, three days," but Aeryn thinks that's a generous estimate, and they're nowhere near a Sebacean colony. Crichton: "But we are near a Peacekeeper base." Aeryn takes that in, and Crichton goes on that Larraq & Co. left the coordinates. He reaches a hand up to stroke her cheek, and Aeryn's face shatters as she realizes her good fight isn't over yet, nor, despite her earlier bravado, does she want it to be. Honey, if you only knew.

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