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Do Not Go Gentle

On the base, Gilina and Chiana sneak into an area wherein they can access the computer system.

Stark is in the chair, screaming, "Again, Scorpy! Thrill me again!" You know, this episode has a lot to do with pretty mental images, but I must confess I could have done without that one. Javio enters with Crais in tow, and Niem powers down the machine. Crais asks where Crichton is, and Scorpius thinks for a long moment before turning to face him and leading him out of the room. Crais bitingly says that he has orders to recapture Moya and its passengers, but Scorpius tells him that Crichton has vital information, and until he gets it, he won't be released. Crais orders Scorpius to give Crichton up. Sure, that'll work. Scorpius notes that Crais's adherence to orders is "selective," and that he's repeatedly ignored orders to return to First Command. The two of them bicker a bit, but Scorpius stands firm, and asks Crais, since he knows Crichton so well, what would persuade Crichton to stop resisting the chair. I'd say a massage function, but I don't think that's quite what he meant.

Gilina discovers Crichton's location, and thinks she might be able to patch into it...

... and we cut to her voice coming over a speaker in Crichton's cell. She instructs him to keep his back to the wall camera, and mentions that she bypassed the audio on the monitoring station. Crichton tells Chiana where he stashed the "tissue gizmo." Hey, that's what I was going to call it! Then I thought that might be dumbing things down too much, but I guess it's no surprise that Crichton came to my rescue on that front. He tells Chiana to get the sample back to Moya. Gilina protests that they have to rescue him, but he's not having that, and further discussion is ended by a noise outside the cell. The door opens, and it's Crais, causing Crichton to giggle. I certainly don't blame him for that one.

Chiana's wondering, out loud but half to herself, how she's going to escape without getting shot down. Gilina is still floored that Crichton isn't going to try to save himself, and asks Chiana if Aeryn really means that much to him. Chiana, sizing up the situation typically quickly and accurately, says that Aeryn is just a shipmate to him, and that Crichton is in love with Gilina. "Why do you think he's staying?" I know I'm probably not in the first million men to say this, but the girl is good. She tells Gilina that once Aeryn's cured, they'll come back with reinforcements and retrieve them both. Probably best not to mention Rygel here. Gilina convinces herself to believe what Chiana's telling her, and gets to work on Chiana's escape.

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