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Do Not Go Gentle

Crais: "You are dead, Crichton." Crichton's even more off his game than I thought, as he misses the most obvious "then I must be in hell" response. Crais goes on, though, in his most reasonable tone, that he's recaptured Moya, and if Crichton cooperates, he'll spare the prisoners' lives. Crichton plays along for the moment and asks what that would entail, and Scorpius pipes up that Crichton has to stop resisting the Aurora Chair. Crichton complains that that's not a very good option. Crais: "You are not in a very good position." Score one for the insane military commander. No, the other one. Crichton, thinking now, asks if the prisoners are all "in perfect health," and Crais agrees that is the case. Crichton: "Fetch the comfy chair." Hee, sweet, a Python reference! Not as good as if Ben Browder were to sing the lumberjack song, but I'll take it.

Gilina tells Chiana that she's programmed a blind spot into the targeting system, and if Chiana follows the prescribed trajectory, she won't be seen. What's more, she'll provide a diversion so she can get to the Prowler. Chiana asks for a four-hundred-microt head start, and Gilina sends her on her way.

Stark is hauled out of the Aurora room, babbling as usual. Of course, Scorpius was with Crichton and Crais just now, so it seems like Niem was doing some freelance work there. I can't tell you how much that doesn't disturb me. Niem fires the old girl up.

Cool shot of Chiana from the gizmo's POV. She fake-clumsily barrels up to a nearby Peace-trooper, prompting him to shove her to the floor in disgust. While she's down there, she grabs the gizmo while haltingly apologizing, and he sends her on her way. Elsewhere, Gilina counts down the last few microts, and then initiates a (presumably fake) reactor overload, complete with evacuation warning. Elsewhere, right by where the Prowler is parked, Javio barks at people to clear the area and get everyone away from the reactor core. Chiana approaches from behind him and, trying to keep her cover up, babbles some bullshit story about needing to have a look at the Prowler. Javio isn't fooled, however, and turns imperiously to look at her. Sure enough, that impression you left on him seems to have had a downside here, my dear. He approaches her slowly and then pulls his gun on her, and she drops the act: "I thought the Commander was meant to be the last one to evacuate!" Javio tells her that he's more of a self-preservationist. She offers to leave with him, so they can "continue [their] earlier discussion," but Javio is over that idea. She then kicks his hand to the side, but he knocks her in the face. She's unfazed, and takes minimal cover behind a nearby gas tank, which she uncaps as he fires, causing the gas to ignite. She then tilts the tank toward him and spectacularly immolates him. She looks pleased with herself as she regards his charred corpse. Might have done better on those backwater planets after all, dude. Chiana moves for the Prowler as we head into the last break.

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