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Do Not Go Gentle

We get a shot of the Prowler returning safely to Moya (Chiana did mention earlier that she knew how to fly it, in case you were wondering) and then we cut to an ashen Aeryn coming to with everyone gathered around her in a Wizard Of Oz-like tableau. They don't pay further homage to that scene, though, probably because there's no dream she could have been having stranger than her reality. Zhaan injects her with the hypo as D'Argo and a still-bewigged Chiana watch nervously. Aeryn asks what that was, and Zhaan tells her that Crichton succeeded in obtaining the tissue sample. Aeryn murmurs that she's not going to die. D'Argo: "As you once said to me, you will die, but not today." Yeah, I think I covered that already. Aeryn asks if he's sure, as -- referencing Chiana's appearance -- she's starting to hallucinate. "You make a worse Peacekeeper than Crichton." That would be really insulting if it were remotely true. Chiana, sincerely happy to the point of almost bursting, tells Aeryn she's glad she's okay. Aeryn says she wants to see Crichton, but D'Argo neatly tells her that she will, soon. Chiana and Zhaan leave, but D'Argo stays with her, "just in case." He puts his hand in hers, and wow. I'm tearing up here. Aeryn Sun, never alone again. We can only hope. She takes a long moment and thanks him, and that's all you need to know about whether she actually wanted to die in solitude.

As Crichton is being tortured some more, Niem informs Scorpius that the reactor alert was a false alarm. Heskon appears and tells Scorpius about the unauthorized Prowler launch and the lack of sensor readings; Scorpius realizes that Crichton may have multiple accomplices, and cranks up the chair again as he declares that Crichton will reveal their identities. Crichton screams again before we get the "To Be Continued" card.

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