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Do Not Go Gentle

After we see the Prowler head into the base, we cut to Crichton having disembarked, and a "welcoming" committee approaching him. He menacingly sidles up to two masked guards who have weapons trained on him. Behind him, the committee reaches him, and it's two more Peace-troopers and two guys in the red-leather officer uniforms. The older, higher-ranking one introduces himself as "Tollona Javio," the Commander of the base, and says his thirtyish companion is "Lieutenant Heskon." Crichton poses as Larraq, and tells Javio not even to think of asking what his assignment is. Javio agrees, but asks for the ident chip, which Crichton produces and Heskon collects. The chip passes muster, and Javio welcomes him, but asks how he knew about the base. Crichton declines even to give a story for that one, and demands quarters for him and his "personal server." I'd be willing to bet Chiana's been called worse. Speaking of whom, she appears and languidly tells him to make sure the quarters are comfortably cool. Honey, it's a Sebacean base. I don't think that's going to be a problem. Javio is puzzled that "Larraq" brought a civilian with him, but admires his taste. Javio then offers food and drink, and Chiana accepts: "I'd love some refreshment." Crichton heads off...

... and then we're in the station cantina, where Chiana is telling Heskon that she could get used to the place, and that the "raslak" is good and strong. Heskon asks if that's how she likes it, and she agrees: "Strong and hot." That's a surprise -- I never would have guessed from your flirting. Nearby, Javio is also quite entranced by Chiana, and he remarks to Crichton that he's never seen a species like hers. You guys know very well that I love Chiana, but I'd still say this to Javio: Count your blessings. There's some more flirting and drooling and skeevy remarks about how favorable Chiana finds the five-to-one male/female ratio on the base, but I'm going to skip ahead, because suddenly there's a noticeable stir in the room, and everyone turns to see... oh my God, you guys, it's Scorpius! I get to recap his historic entrance into the series that he will forever change! This is so exciting! I'm not going to bother describing his appearance, as it's burned into all your brains, but I will say that even for him, he does not look happy. Javio quickly excuses himself from Crichton's company, and once he's gone, Crichton barks for Chiana to join him. She complies, and sotto voce, he asks her what she's doing: "You acting like a trollop was not part of the plan." Well, Crichton, you could say breathing wasn't part of the plan either, but it's still awfully hard for her not to do it. Chiana takes the opportunity to grab his ass, and I'm jealous and good for her, and then she points out that all the attention she's drawing will take everyone's focus off him. Crichton asks if perhaps they could get on with the business of saving Aeryn...

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