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Do Not Go Gentle

D'Argo finds Zhaan and tells her that Aeryn is deteriorating quickly. Zhaan informs him that all she can do is ease her journey, and that the paraphoral nerve regulates toxin removal functions, so with the damage to it, the poisons in her body will kill her. D'Argo pointedly asks if she can filter them out. Zhaan, not quite getting it, says she doesn't have the means to do that, but D'Argo responds: "Moya does, doesn't she?" Zhaan considers that.

Back in the lounge, Javio wastes no time in proposing that Chiana stay with him. "Whatever you're getting from Larraq, I can easily double." If that's true, I'm not sure even Chiana can handle him. He makes the point that Covert Ops types are always going to some backwater planet and getting shot up, and Chiana agrees that running from system to system is getting exhausting. Javio asks if they can continue their talk in his quarters. Chiana: "My policy's no free samples." I'm guessing that's a recent amendment. She says she'll think about it, and flirtily withdraws. No, not like that -- didn't you hear her about the samples?

Gilina returns and tells Crichton the news is great -- the medics can synthesize the paraphoral tissue, and even better, they've already done so. She hands over a large hypo and tells Crichton that with one dose and some bed rest, Aeryn will be as good as new. Crichton tells her that thanks doesn't even begin to cover his gratitude, and Gilina's heart looks like it's breaking as she kisses him on the forehead. Crichton tells her he'd better get back to the ship, but even though Aeryn's clock is ticking, he can't go through with the total business routine here. His face softens as Gilina sadly notes that they always seem to be saying goodbye. He agrees: "You'd think we'd get better at it." Welcome to humanity, Gilina. She tells him to go, and after a long look, he does. ... Wow, that was a great episode! Hey, when did this show change to a half-hour format?

Okay, it's just that here's where things get awfully rough, from the standpoint of the series as well as that of the episode. As dissonant music plays, Crichton walks down the hallway, unaware that from a nearby corridor, Scorpius and a tall, long- and auburn-haired woman wearing the same style of uniform as he are approaching. Scorpius and the woman reach the main hallway in time to see Crichton pass. Crichton seems to know something's wrong here, and he doesn't get more than a few steps before Scorpius's creepy singsong informs the guards that Crichton is an impostor. Crichton tries to fight, but he's quickly knocked to the floor. He manages to place the hypo in a smallish aperture almost at floor level before being completely subdued. We linger on a long shot of Aeryn's hidden salvation before heading into another break.

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