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Portrait Of Dorian Blue

I know, right? After a stupid amount of months, I'm finally getting back to Farscapping. Not only that, I'm excited about it because there's something soothing and familiar that also manages to be unknown about fiction recapping after a series of reality shows. I appreciate you lovely posters having the patience of Gob as I got things like Top Chef, Jacques Pepin, nutty Save Our Show campaigns, and absinthe legalization out of my way.

Just a note: I haven't re-watched this particular episode since I first watched it about five years ago, and I have confess, it's not one of my favorites. (I'm beginning to feel slightly guilty about how many of my assigned Farscaps aren't the ones I'm totally gung-ho over, because I do love this show! Really!) However, I don't feel about this episode the same way I feel about "Taking the Stone" or "Vitas Mortis." No, this episode isn't one of my favorites because of how chatty it is, and also because of how edgy it makes me. I get very anxious with "down the rabbit hole" sets and even more so when the main players are scrambled up and unable to reach each other. Of course, that all means it's a powerful episode, doesn't it? It would, except for the abundance of talking and lack of ass-kicking.

We zoom in on a fantastical ship made out of multiple, windowed spheres connected by skyways. (Did you know that the UTs have their own downtown Minneapolis?) Inside one of the spheres, Chiana gazes intently at a pane of multi-colored glass. A kindly old voice -- and that should have been our first sign -- tells Chiana to take all the time she needs and look around at his wares. Or, is it her wares? Because here we have another one of Farscape's gender-bending characters. He's dressed like a woman and his voice is high-ish, but he has male features under all that makeup. Chiana scoffs at the piece she was admiring and says that she doesn't like room decorations; she prefers to decorate her self. After Rygel announces it's synthetic, Chiana tosses back a piece of jewelry and announces, "If it's not worth anything, I don't like it!" She hoards because she doesn't trust. Chiana is drawn back to the glass pane where a line sketch of her own image has been captured in miniature. Clearly a bit shaken by this, Chiana refuses to admit to the gypsy -- who says it's a piece of his own making -- that she notices any resemblance. Rygel bitches about some fake Hynerian tiaras, and while the gypsy moves toward him to persuade him to buy the faux finery, Chiana bends over the glass once again. Aeryn's dark eyes hone in on Chiana as she stretches out her hand to hesitantly touch the image of herself. However, Aeryn's distracted by the need to berate Rygel for forking over a whole food cube for the fake tiara. Rygel hisses back that the fake is good enough to foist upon the next trader they run into. Chiana continues to gaze at the glass, and the gypsy -- totally looking like Diana Rigg in this shot -- hovers near her. Aeryn tries to hustle them out, but the gypsy wants to give the glass to Chiana for free. He points out that the glass is now showing a better image of her. "Did you just work on that? I didn't see you do it," Chiana mutters. She then nervously points out that the glass is also showing a favorite necklace of hers. One that she lost half a cycle ago. The gypsy purrs that now Chiana can enjoy it once again. Suspicious, Chiana questions the gypsy's generosity. "Well, you haven't been given much in your life, have you?" the gypsy prods. Chiana slowly accepts the glass, and the gypsy says it might help her appreciate the true value of art. "Which is what?" Chiana asks. The gypsy seems momentarily at a loss, then quickly says, "Well, in this case, it's a window in time." And because Chiana wasn't taught to never accept windows in time from strangers, she leaves with the glass. Her greed outweighs her cynicism.

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