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Portrait Of Dorian Blue

And now for the rehash. In Moya's galley, Chiana wonders why her leg is still broken when none of the rest of them retained any injuries from their deaths. Rygel shrugs, saying he still doesn't get the Maldis-Kyvan thing. Chiana does, though because Zhaan explained it all to her. When Maldis recorporealized, he created Kyvan and the portrait in order to manipulate their plane of existence. Then when Aeryn destroyed Kyvan, it weakened Maldis enough for Zhaan to give him a roundhouse. Rygel chuckles, "Best not to ponder questions like these -- they'll only make your head hurt." "Forget about it -- sit back and enjoy the happy ending," Chiana agrees. Oh, the elaborate inside wink that tells the Trekkies to shut up and stop whining! Yeah, gotta love the meta after they've over-explained stuff. Rygel snarls that there's no happy ending when his priceless tiara disappeared along with everything else. "Well, you can't have everything, Ryg," Chiana giggles. "I can't have anything," Rygel grumps. Chiana playfully tosses crackers at him.

Zhaan plays with her pretty rocks in her chamber. Crichton leans in the doorway and asks if "that sumbitch" is gone for good. Oh, Lord, I hope so -- he talks too damn much. Zhaan says you can never be certain with a creep like Maldis. Crichton walks in, groaning that it would have been a really good time to lie to him. Zhaan smiles slightly and says she's not a very good liar. "Yeah, right," Crichton says. "I know you couldn't tell me the truth about your plan because Maldis would have picked it out of my brain, but you had us all fooled with that scared Nellie routine." Zhaan looks up at him: "My fear wasn't an act, John." "You were really that scared," Crichton states. "I've never been more scared in my life," Zhaan tells him. DUN!

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