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Portrait Of Dorian Blue

Meanwhile, Rygel putters around in Zhaan's laboratory. He puts a few drops of something on the tiara and it glows pink. So amazed is he at the proof that the tiara is genuine, he doesn't notice Zhaan until she yanks him back by one of his ears and quietly says, "I'm surprised you're using my possessions without my consent, Rygel. Especially after what I did to you the last time." Zhaan is at her most deadly when she's quiet. Like a fart. Rygel blusters that given how much the tiara is worth, he can buy her an entire bottle of plevoth oil. He goes on that the gypsy, Kyvan, was incredibly stupid to sell him the tiara for a single food cube, and orders Pilot to reverse course and look for Kyvan's vessel. Zhaan belays that order, saying they have better things to do than look for Kyvan's ship. Pilot sniffily agrees with her. Rygel bellows about turning a profit, and stomp-zooms out to take his grief up with the others.

In her room, Chiana lies on her bed and stares at her portrait. D'Argo leans in her doorway and stares at her. Chiana wants to see more of the future, but D'Argo wonders if the portrait isn't predicting, but causing. Why would the art give her a necklace, then break her leg, Chiana wonders. D'Argo sits down on Chiana's bed, and they have a philosophical discussion about how knowing the future keeps us from striving for our goals. Wouldn't D'Argo like to know if he's destined to ever find his son? No, because if it's bad news, he'll lose all hope. But it might keep him from wasting time fruitlessly if he's never going to find him. But if he stops, he definitely will never find his son. Like cotton balls dipped in antiseptic, D'Argo softly but insistently tells Chiana that he wants her to get rid of the art. Chiana leans provocatively in and says he's just being a superstitious Luxan. D'Argo corrects her gently -- he's being a concerned Luxan. Chiana bats her eyes at the idea of D'Argo caring about what happens to her. "Shouldn't I care?" D'Argo asks. "Of course you should," Chiana purrs, "I'm glad you do." She wonders if the portrait will give them a glimpse of their combined future. D'Argo doesn't think he wants to know about that either. Seriously -- would D'Argo have taken up with Chiana to share a brief happiness if he knew what was going to happen with Jothee? Chiana continues to be provocative until D'Argo tells her to be sensible and get rid of the portrait. She gets irritated by the implication and hisses that she's keeping it. Next, she goes all Greta Garbo and insists that she needs to rest. Alone. She flings herself back on her pillow and studiously refuses to meet D'Argo's gaze. D'Argo silently leaves.

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