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Portrait Of Dorian Blue

Not emotionally able to waste her time with regrets and rituals, Aeryn takes the pragmatic, problem-solving approach and cross-examines Pilot about what went wrong with the freezer lock. They go back and forth; Aeryn's insisting that there has to be an explanation and Pilot's just as fervently insisting that no malfunctions on his or Moya's parts had anything to do with the freezer failing to open. "All right, I'm not blaming you, Pilot," Aeryn says, starting to slap her hand on Pilot's console and tug irritably at the back of her hair, "but something had to cause it --" Crichton, who has just walked into Pilot's den, interrupts, "Aeryn -- knock it off! It's not your fault." Aeryn knows it wasn't -- why would it be? Crichton points out that she's mercilessly grilling Pilot for answers he doesn't have because she did say earlier that she wanted Chiana off the ship. Aeryn stares him down. "I never said I wanted her dead, Crichton," she says, and turns back to Pilot. "Are you always going to do this?" Crichton bellows at her back. Do what? Keep the world at a distance -- push people, emotions, and his blue eyes away? For another season, yeah, and then not so much, and then yeah again. Saving Aeryn from answering, D'Argo comms that he wants them in the center chamber, because Crichton? We have a problem. Pilot has no idea what it is, so Aeryn and Crichton take off.

In the center chamber, D'Argo is staring at the unburned portrait and this time it depicts him. His arms and head are flung back and his chest is high. It's a new portrait, replacing the destroyed one. Zhaan flutters in and breathes, "Khalaan help us!" The portrait is incomplete, and Crichton doesn't think they should wait around for it to finish its thought. D'Argo agrees and flings the portrait to the floor, shattering it. Zhaan comments that if the portrait repaired itself once, it can do it again. D'Argo decides to eject the pieces into space. Aeryn, not content to be passive, wants to go after Kyvan and get some answers. Her prowler isn't ready, so she has to take Crichton's module. "Bucket of dren," she mutters. Crichton and D'Argo exchange this perfectly mutual look that seems to say, "Can you believe her?" "Yes, I can. Unfortunately." It's hysterical and a nice snippet of comic relief in this episode. Zhaan bugs her face out, scared and intense.

D'Argo tosses the portrait shards down an access shaft and Pilot vents them into space. He tracks the fragments but pulls Moya away from them at hetch-six velocity. "I don't know art, but I know what I don't like," Crichton mutters. Zhaan joins D'Argo and Crichton in the corridors and asks if they're certain the portrait's gone. They are. Whispers hit Zhaan's psyche and she comes to an abrupt halt. She looks around and says she thought she heard something. The whispers continue to gurgle and Zhaan, looking shrewd, follows them. Over and over, the whispers laugh, "Pa'u Zhaan..."

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