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Portrait Of Dorian Blue

Back on Moya, Crichton explains to Zhaan how D'Argo just disappeared, spilling no guts and no blood. Zhaan moves over to the portrait and stares at it silently. She doesn't say anything, but Crichton knows. He's next. The portrait now shows Crichton with streams of electricity coursing through his body. It's sort of like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, but more like Scott Bakula in the Quantum Leap credits. However, he's thankfully not wearing a white body stocking. Crichton yells at Zhaan that "this magical mystery" crap is her bailiwick; she just needs to tell him what to do and he'll do it. Zhaan lies that there is nothing she can tell him.

Aeryn and Rygel have found Kyvan, who pretends not to know what's going on with the portrait. Aeryn kicks over a tray of junk and Rygel advises Kyvan, "It's a very bad idea to annoy her when she's in this sort of mood." To prove this, Aeryn kicks over more trays of junk. Kyvan whines that he doesn't know anything, so Aeryn pulls a gun, shouting, "Well, that's unfortunate for you because if you had something to tell me I'd have no reason to shoot you but since you're not telling me anything --" Kyvan finally whines that she was forced to create the portrait. He made her do it. He threatened her. "WHO?!" Aeryn thunders. "Maldis," Kyvan whimpers.

Back on Moya, Zhaan breathes, "Maldis." Aeryn has called back to the ship to report on her conversation with Kyvan. Crichton's confused; he thought they destroyed Maldis. Zhaan says they just "disposed" of him, and she knew he would catch them some day. Zhaan puts her hands over her face in prayer mode and doesn't answer Crichton when he asks what should be done. Crichton tells Aeryn that Zhaan has "bugged out" on them and is either praying or hibernating. Is there a difference with her? Not always. Crichton tells Aeryn to stay there and get any information she can out of Kyvan. Aeryn turns to Kyvan and tells him to start talking. Not looking at her, Kyvan says that nothing he knows can be of any help. Maldis is too powerful. Aeryn rests her hand lightly on her gun. "Start talking," she suggests again with deadly pleasantness. Kyvan turns to glare at her.

Moya. Crichton tears Zhaan's hands from her face and orders her to stop freaking out on him. They fought Maldis once; they can do it again. Zhaan grabs Crichton's face and pulls his forehead against hers to do another mind-meld. Speaking directly into his mind, Zhaan tells Crichton to trust her. She has a plan but he has to keep Maldis's attention focused on him for as long as possible. Before breaking the meld, Zhaan commands him to ignore what she says next. Crichton chokes and gasps in reaction to the break, and Zhaan waxes desperate and hysterical about how nothing can stop Maldis and that he's next. Zhaan goes on that they need to surrender. Crichton says he's not giving up. Zhaan reaches out to touch his face and says, "Well, I am," before thrusting him into the back of Aeryn's prowler. Crichton is electrocuted by the faulty panel and shatters into portrait shards. The DRDs on the prowler make confused noises but get busily back to work. Maldis's whispers call to Zhaan as she looks down on the portrait and sees her image as a shattered body.

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