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Somebody's eyeball. Is this Lost? No, it's a Muppet eyeball. They killed off all their Muppets long ago. Guess it's Rygel's eyeball. Guess we're going to be getting into some shit with Rygel this week. I hope he's going to be okay. When they do the eyeball thing on Lost it means you're going to be bored out of your mind the entire time with a bunch of flashbacks that don't matter whatsoever except for the Kieslowskian joy of seeing people you don't care about cross over into the lives of other people you don't care about, and then you go have an Asperger's orgasm on the internet. And yes, I've seen every episode the week it aired so I'm not being a hater, but I vastly preferred the second season to the first so I'm willing to concede that what I am is: crazy.

Everybody's on Command marveling at a really jacked-up ship outside. John's like, "That's big." Pilot's like, "That's dead." Aeryn's like, "It's not Crais's so I don't care. Except I kind of do." D'Argo's like, "That's still a PK ship." Aeryn wonders what's going on with the ship even being in the Uncharted Territories and assumes there's something horrible happening, because while she always thinks that, she's also always right. John wonders how big the guy that beat the dead ship must be, and Zhaan agrees with him that it's time to lay a patch away from "this tomb." D thinks there might be info onboard, though, that would get them home; Aeryn wants to go gun shopping. The warriors want to go get on that haunted wreck, the others are creeped out, Pilot abstains. "And I need to know who she is," says Aeryn, which makes me sad. Because the kind of ship that it is, is the kind of ship she spent her entire childhood on, and if she's mourning for her entire life being gone, she needs to put some names to some things. Who knows it? Rygel: "It's the Zelbinion." He does not sound happy about this, which I guess is why the eyeball.

Aeryn, John, and D'Argo get their badass suits on in the armory and D'Argo explains that the Zelbinion is the most feared ship in the Peacekeeper Armada. One good thing about this very awesome episode is how by the end of it you'll kind of never want to hear the name of it either, because it gives you the willies to even think about, and you'll be completely right in feeling that way. Bad juju. John notes that the people who beat her up didn't really seem to think that she was that amazing. Aeryn explains that she was lost in battle over a hundred years ago, and Zhaan comms in to confirm she's still got atmo. "Pilot cautions you remain starboard and high. Most of the vacuum damage was sustained in attack from below."

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