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One stupid froggy calls bullshit on the other stupid froggy and beats him up and takes control of the stupid froggy ship and decides to shoot Moya right this second. "Ignite the plasma generators!"

Aeryn runs up to John and Gilina, on comms with Moya: "What do you mean they're firing? What did you say to them?" D'Argo says they just stopped responding to his signal. Gilina tells John they're close to finishing -- "Disconnect all the black wires. The black ones. Here." -- and Pilot informs us that they've got less than a minute left. "Officer Sun. Pass me up those connections. Yes." Everybody's very nervous and working hard. Forty seconds. Thirty. Twenty. "Like this," Gilina explains to Aeryn. "Clip it. Got it?" Ten seconds. "One more, okay?" Five seconds. Aeryn, Gilina, and John all check in: "Got it!" Like three little Techs in a pod, working in concert. Like equals. So the defense screen forms around Moya, of course. Just as the Sheyang fire on her.

Pilot, relieved, tells everybody the DS worked, and the stupid froggies yell at each other and fight a bunch, and Rygel is in a cage on the Zelbinion. "I am very disappointed in you. Somehow I expected the Dominar of Hyneria to be more...dominating," Durka says.

Pilot and Zhaan tell everybody that there are gaps in the DS shield. Gilina explains that this DS is technically only half of one: a real DS is two identical shields, overlaid. This 'babble is unnecessary, I don't know why there's this extra layer of BS on the idea that they're going to get the DS when the Zelbinion is horrible and also completely finished for good, except that the story's running pretty thin as it is. John yells and stuff and asks if they couldn't just install one of the shields on Moya then. "I have been sworn never to compromise Peacekeeper technology with the enemy." Seemingly unending pause. "I will do it for you. For you." Duh.

The froggies fight about things, and the one that mutinied on the other one is basically forced by reasons of honor to go to the Zelbinion and kill everybody aboard. Seriously, the whole deal takes about five seconds and he's like, "Okay, I'm going down there to kill everybody, for honor." Also known, again, as "How we got three acts out of this bitch."

Gilina and John flirt about the following things. 1) "Deep space technology," which they both love. 2) "Cosmic theory," which "intrigues" Gilina and in which John has his doctorate. 3) What is a doctorate. 4) Falling into each other like fornicators who do not believe in love but only their whorish gravitational needs. 5) Human men and Sebacean men are much the same. 6) Ditto the respective ladies. Then Gilina kisses his forehead, sweetly, and he kisses her on the lips. She licks her lips, surprised, and then they go on kissing. Where is... Oh, crap! Aeryn walks in talking: "I've set up four of the components..." Her voice like they're all three pals, Techs, getting science done. And she spots them. "In the maintenance bay." She picks up a huge crate that looks like it weighs about two tons and stomps off. "Sorry for interrupting." It's sad, and it's a little funny, but only the latter because it's kind of scary. Like you don't cheat on She-Hulk, for she can be both Savage and Sensational.

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