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John makes tracks after Aeryn, begging her to slow down and talk. "What the heck's the matter with you?" (Men grant themselves this pass, but I am here to tell you: You're not crazy. He knows what the fuck is the matter with her. Don't be snowed.) Aeryn's like, "Um, oh. These two-ton boxes are very heavy and I'm going to be hefting ten more of them." She tosses her hair. "Do not come down this corridor without one." He begs her to stop and starts -- ugh -- explaining: "Look, what happened back there was..." And she gives the only reply that she can possibly give, which is that it was none of her business. "Yes, it was," he says, which would be enough, but this is John. He's going to screw it up. "You and I are shipmates! Haven't you ever just clicked with a guy?" She's like, "Click?" He asks if she's never found a guy attractive, and oh does she screw the pooch: "Yes, but I didn't let it...in the beginning, I found you...interesting." He's taken aback by this abrupt left turn. I don't think it's that she accidentally just stepped in a huge pile of vulnerable, I think it's because he's an idiot. Like she's up there and he's down here. You hurt more people with that kind of esteem bullshit than you will ever know. Stop being a pussy and just fucking go for it. "Yes," she nods at his dumb ass, "...but only for a moment." Heh. He's like, "Oh, good." They agree that it's good to be on "even terms," and walk away from each other: "Sometimes it's a good idea to clear the air," he says. "Mm. Very clear air," she says, from somewhere really scary. Even Mal and Inara are like, "Dude, you are killing us here. Get it together."

I have this idea that this season on Gilmore Girls, Taylor and Michel should totally hook up and get married in the gazebo. How awesome would that be? They're totally the Riggs/Russo of that show! You know Sookie would go apeshit. I was going to make some lame Clark/Lex joke up there, but then I remembered my awesome plan.

Speaking of people you do not want to see in the same room, much less making out, Rygel has located a corpse. "Durka," he whispers. "Is it really you, Durka?" He spots a gun in Durka's hand. "You killed yourself, Durka? You coward." If you knew what killed the Zelbinion, you'd probably shoot yourself just in case. I hate what killed the Zelbinion more than the Zelbinion itself. Even if what killed the Zelbinion brings lovely gifts with it, when it comes. "You once told me I'd never leave the Zelbinion alive. You robbed me of so many cycles...but no matter what you did to me, I'll always remember one thing: You lose." He spits another huge wad on the corpse. Zhaan is really good with these alternative therapies, I'll give her that. That's exactly what the little shit needed. Heh. "You lose." He slays me.

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