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Stupid froggy launches toward the Zelbinion, accompanied by a squadron. I can't ever hear the word "squadron" without screaming "Alert the amphibious squadron!" no matter where I am, because that is still the funniest fucking thing in the universe to me for some reason. I get hysterical. Sometimes I have to go lie down and not think about squadrons for awhile.

D'Argo and Pilot and Zhaan are alerted to the froggy squadron and they do a lot of worrying about the froggies getting onto either Moya or Zelbinion, I'm confused about that the entire episode, and meanwhile Gilina's 'babbling at John: "When I kill the bypass, these two polaric disks will be attracted to each other. Strongly. So you have to hold them apart, because if they touch each other, this whole room will be vaporized." Um, wait. My bad, that's actually not technobabble at all. That's every side of the triangle, and I'm not speaking in cutesy bullshit shipper code either: I think that's actually what the line is saying. I love this show.

I believe that stupid froggy bossman calls the squadron "scoundrel fighters." Which is moderately awesome, especially coming from a stupid dog's anus.

D'Argo and Pilot and Zhaan are alerted to the froggy squadron some more, and they do a lot of worrying about froggy getting honorable on the Zelbinion, and meanwhile Gilina's still explaining just how hard the panels are going to be pulling toward each other. She "kills the bypass," or whatever, and they start in, John struggling mightily.

D'Argo alerts Aeryn to the squadron, specifically the stupid froggy with the honor, who is probably on the Zelbinion about to kill everybody. She runs in toward John and Gilina and John's like, "The hell?" Zhaan doesn't really care to explain about how their stall worked just long enough to create mutiny and honor situations: "What's important is that he might be headed right toward you!" Heh. John says they need to stop with the science, and she says that the array won't live through that. "Then finish the process," he growls. "I want you to get out of here." She promises she'll never leave him or whatever. I'm bored. What's Aeryn doing?

Shooting at the face of the honorable Sheyang, of course. Then he shoots fire out of that face and she ducks.

"Gilina, I want you out of here." "If you die here, John, I die too." I'm bored. What's Aeryn doing? I want to be clear that I don't think they did a bad job of making it seem realistic that they'd like each other, or be all romantic and "if you die here" with each other. I buy it. I just don't care all that much. I love Gilina, I love John. They're great. But I get it, and somewhere on the Zelbinion Aeryn is shooting at shit. Shit that might blow up. It's hard to concentrate. Let's put a check mark in the "I bought the premise of the episode" box and get back to what's important: Aeryn.

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