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The Sheyangs talk about how they've called for Crais's Command Carrier and it's coming back, and how the honorable one blew up like a pumpkin, and then they have a talk with D'Argo about how he was totally lying the whole time, and they thought that was awesome, because "there is no shame in losing to a clever opponent," but also, they are going to kill D'Argo one day with all the hate a frog footman with a dog's-anus face can muster. He's like, "Later!" Zhaan tells him again how magnificent he was, and D'Argo gets a little shirty: "With or without your assistance." She grins at him. "Or in spite of it."

Aeryn and Gilina are standing at the entrance to the Zelbinion, and Gilina's telling Aeryn she's totally going to lie right to Crais's face and it's going to be awesome. "I wish I had been so smart," says Aeryn. The word is innocence, and it's sad when you lose it, little by little. You get more beautiful and more sad. Gilina grabs Aeryn, who's busy trying to get the hell away from her before hugs break out, and they clasp hands. Aeryn graciously leaves John with Gilina.

"You free this weekend?" Gilina smiles and says she is, other than having to overhaul a Prowler engine. John says he doesn't want her to go, but he can't really ask her to stay, because life on Moya is "no way to live." And they laugh that she can't really ask him to come with her, since Crais would kill his ass. "You get any vacation time?" She sighs, realizes they'll probably never see each other again. He starts in about somehow organizing a rendezvous at some point, and D'Argo comms in that they have to leave now. John takes her to the door of the Zelbinion, her hand in his: "Life sucks." And if it brought them together? "Okay. It sucks a little less." He kisses her forehead.

"Crichton?" comes D'Argo's voice on comms. "Crichton?"

They part, Gilina steps through the door. It closes behind her. That was great.

John comes into command and says "Hey." Aeryn looks at him: "A greeting I will never understand." He describes it as "all-purpose": "It lets the other person decide what they wanna talk about." And if they don't want to talk? "Then they say 'hey' back." Hey. This whole scene is just... "Well, then the first person who doesn't wanna talk can be trumped, if the other person realizes that they need to. Hey." They smile. "I hate being ambushed," Aeryn says. She's not talking about the Sheyang. There's the place you used to live, where you can never return. There's the place you live now. There's the man that makes it okay, and shows you why it's beautiful. That's a lot of ambushes in one day.

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