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Live Through This With Me

He's going with option A: "You know, in my world, they say that loss is the hardest emotion to deal with." Aeryn counters: "In my world, showing pain is a sign of weakness."

Crichton: "How do you not feel pain after what you've been through?"
Aeryn: "Don't pretend to understand me, John."

(John, she says to him.)

"If I somehow, someday, get a chance to return to my world. Walk around my old neighborhood, see my old house. My dad's truck, best friend's bike on the lawn. And then I get a chance to go inside, walk through the living room upstairs to my room.

"And then I think, what if everyone were dead? What if all my friends and family are lying there, dead. Now, what would it be like to go home then?"

Aeryn: "I stand corrected."

I have nothing to add to that at all.

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