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Rygel enters with more of that real-life parallel stuff I don't like right now, about how "keeping order and harmony" is flytastic but also: "...Assassinations, torture, kidnappings..." He coughs and spits a huge wad onto Gilina's face and wishes it were last week. John grabs him and calls him "Weasel" and tells him to knock it off. "I've barely got used to sharing my accommodation with one of these abominations. Dispel the thought of two!" Only one of them is an abomination; which one depends on where you're standing. He knows that. On the other hand, put him in this environment -- burned out and horrible, just like when his life as a Dominar ended, here on this ship -- and he'll backflip away from Zhaan's calming influence so fast. Back from pride to shame, back across the line to less. And he's not got a lot of ground to spare on the more v. less front.

Later on, Rygel's Jazzin' around the Zelbinion when he suddenly and violently goes crazy with a horrible effect not seen since like Méliès invented space: some effed-up PK dude staring at him across the entire screen and going "BOO!" Not really, he just welcomes him "home," but the horrible apparition might as well have a flashlight to its chin. Rygel wigs.

Commercial. D'Argo confirms Gilina's story -- "gutted to worthlessness" is what he calls it -- and Gilina is very sad to see a dead dude from her unit deadin' it up on the floor. D'Argo nods: "Sheyang victim. Burned to death." Gilina says the guy's name, horrified, and Aeryn snaps to: "Officer Karanda? What was he doing guiding the likes of you? This is grot's work." Gilina drops the brand new bomb that Aeryn's entire unit was demoted when Aeryn left the PKs and will only be reinstated when she's dead. I forget: does that mean Crais is an asshole, or that the PKs are categorically assholes? Hmm.

Pilot asks Zhaan to confirm for him -- on "Scan Vector Gamma" -- if there's a Sheyang ship hanging around just outside sensor range, and of course there is.

Upon hearing this, Aeryn sublimates her rage from before by slamming Gilina against a bulkhead really hard: "Why are the Sheyangs back? What didn't you tell us?" D'Argo thinks maybe they should kill Gilina if she doesn't help them out with a quickness. Aeryn wonders if cooperating with the Sheyangs is what saved Gilina's life, and Gilina -- bright girl -- decides this is the time for taunting: "I am not the traitor. You are." A simple "no" would probably be best here. Aeryn continues to growl and John comes into the room and pulls her off Gilina again. Somehow John got stronger than Aeryn, but just for this episode; he holds her off even as she's charging Gilina again. "She knew they were coming back!" Aeryn screams. "She knew!"

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