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D'Argo worries about what we all just worried about and then we cut to the Sheyang ship for two seconds -- one stupid froggy laughs about how Moya's a pussy and the other stupid froggy says that Leviathans don't ever come into the Uncharted Territories so they're going to bag this awesome rare creature -- and then Zhaan informs everybody that their weapons countdown has begun. Countdown. Why? John tells Aeryn that Moya needs some anti-froggy help and Aeryn's like, "Too late," and even D'Argo's like, "I guess maybe we'll just have to live on the Zelbinion then, if they blow Moya up." Pilot: "D'Argo? Zhaan? Moya and I are very afraid of fire." Aww. See, we can't be having that kind of shit. Figure it out, people.

D'Argo bitches and moans about how they don't have guns some more, which is so very helpful, and he works himself into a total froth and stops making sense and starts screaming and growling and acting a mess in Luxan -- which is the opposite of how translator microbes work, but we're not going to talk about that -- which is...actually quite helpful. As D'Argo gets hyper, Zhaan smoothly tells Pilot to transmit D'Argo's wobbler to the Sheyangs. Pilot asks why and Zhaan tells him to just fucking do it.

"A Luxan? We're fighting a Luxan? Terminate fire! Terminate plasma attack!"

Zhaan tells Pilot to take the little show off the air, and Pilot wows. "They're powering down their weapons!" Zhaan congratulates D'Argo on buying them time. I guess I spoke too soon about the whole pacifist angle. When she brings peace it won't be through violence and it won't be through submission: it's the illusion of violence and power that saved them this week. And if the Sheyangs had seen through the illusion, they wouldn't have cheated themselves out of a DS, but fearing something gives it power, and that's something you do to yourself. Ask His Eminence. He knows.

"Right. No lies. Does this ship have any weapons aboard that are still active? Anything we can use to fight back?" Gilina's like, "Um, for the hundredth time, no? Have we not been over this?" John asks if the DS wouldn't be helpful, in terms of, say, defense. "The question is, will it stop the Sheyang attack?" Can you put aside fear long enough to find another way to save yourself? Aeryn says they can't stall for eight hours, duh, and John says that if he helps Gilina, they can do it in four. Which is less than eight, so he's got them there.

Cut from some broadcasts: They stare at him because he is Crichton. He's like, "Some kind of union thing I don't know about?" Funny. Gilina's like, "It's really complicated? Sophisticated wiring?" And as he's ripping off the array cover to get to work, he harrumphs, "Yep. And I love opera."

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