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Daring Aeryn To Love You

Captain Jenek and the Nurse stand over Aeryn in a Marathon Man place. The Nurse shows Jenek a hologram of the Sebacean reproductive process. "Watch. The Sebacean egg is fertilized. It splits with life. It splits again, then stops." The projection freezes. But how? "The ovum secretes a fluid that keeps the pregnancy in stasis, literally freezes the explosion of life. She can store this proto-fetus for up to seven cycles before triggering gestation." Nurse picks up a large, scary injection gun with truth serum in it. If you hate needles, man is this not the show for you. "Don't use that, I won't lie to you. I'll just tell you what you want to know." The Nurse looks down on her sharply, smooth: "You wouldn't lie to me?" Aeryn shakes her head; Nurse injects her. It's pretty ugly. Aeryn gasps and lies back. "Yes, of course I'd lie to you, you stupid bitch." Captain Jenek growls at her. "Aeryn," Nurse says, almost whispering, "whose child is inside you?" This actress is really good, and I can see why they'd bring her back for Peacekeeper Wars, but it does make it hard to buy her as the head of a peaceful race after seeing her cruelty and hidden kindness here. You're distrustful when you shouldn't be. "Yours," Aeryn harshes out. "Whose child?" She says she doesn't know; Jenek demands to know if it's Crichton's. Aeryn stammers. "I don't know." She gasps under the weight of lies and pain and torture. She's so strong. "I don't...there was another man."

Aeryn kneels behind PK Sex Bomb Velorek in negative, rubbing his shoulders, kissing him. "Velorek." They make love. "This Velorek," Jenek asks. "Where is he now?" He's dead, she says; we're still in the realm of the known. "How did he die?" She betrayed him to High Command, and he was executed. All the crimes, coming back. It's just a symptom of the plot but it's also the point. "The man who conceived your child?" Jenek asks, since he doesn't know that almost every person on Moya has, at one point, killed a lover. Usually in the bedroom. Jenek thinks she's lying and orders Nurse to give her more serum. "Mm. I'm not lying. I'm just not a very nice..." She groans and clenches as Nurse injects her with more honesty. She's beginning to cry. You always have to go back to the beginning, and it's always the worst part. Being big enough to swallow your own evil. "This Velorek, is he the father of your child?" She closes her eyes, unable to lie, sickened by her own weakness: "No." She passes out, and the Nurse admits she can't wake Aeryn up until the serum wears down. He heat-breaths her, out of frustration, and they have a little psychic conversation where he confirms that she's not working with Aeryn. He turns to Morrock: "What about hers? How is her embryo coming along?" The initial DNA scan shows no enhanced ability in the embryo; Jenek aborts the child as Aeryn watches, terrified and on the edge of consciousness. How much of this is theatre? Morrock screams. "Unless I get answers that please me," Jenek says, "you will be next." Aeryn looks up at him. Her eyes are dry.

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