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Daring Aeryn To Love You

"They'll be dead in an arn," Scorpius shrugs, eyes on the clock. "You said so yourself. We have no time to negotiate. Now," he says sharply, turning to Stark with the gun. "Cross. Her. Over. " John grabs for his gun arm as Stark insists she can't. "I have to love the soul! I have to care about where it goes, to cross it over!" John lunges for her. "What do you mean, love the soul? You never had to love the soul before." Stark cocks his head at John. "I've always had to love the soul." Different Stark, different rules, John realizes. But that's not it: it's another Inanna story. Take out the holy body, and what's left? All the things you thought mattered. John's down a higher self and a body that delights, in one package. He abuses his paths to Scorpius and to truth; they abuse them together. This won't end until they're all dead, and he already knew that. They already were. The second he drank that poison milk, he gave it all up. "So what happens if you don't love the soul? You won't cross it over?" Not won't, but can't. "When they die, they just go. Nothing happens." John stares from Stark to the holy corpse, and over at the unholy one. Whoops, he grits at Scorpius, and walks off.

Aeryn listens to Morrock crying, finally asks if she's in pain. "What do you care? I'm just a Scarran spy, and you're a Peacekeeper." Aeryn declares herself: "No, I'm not a Peacekeeper." Not even a little. Morrock sighs: "That's the third one they've terminated. I saw it on the scan, it must have been malformed, or... The three that survived, they were beautiful. Healthy." Aeryn fact-checks: "And you've had six pregnancies?" They'll wait a while, Morrock says, and then fertilize her again. Take out the holy body, and what's left? Nothing at all. Rapists go to hell because they twist what God made. "...Unless I've got the guts to..." She closed her eyes and swallows. "Have you ever had a child?" No. "Never?" Aeryn explains: "Well, soldiers seldom do, unless they're placed on a breeding roster. In any case, it's not the same as being a mother, is it? That's why I vowed I'd never have one that way." In their love of their child, their missteps and horrors, Talyn and Xhalax gave her this at least: her holy body. "And now, protecting this child will probably end my life." Morrock whispers blasphemy: "There is another way to make sure they never get it. I've hoarded enough sleep pills for the both of us. But I've never been brave enough to end it myself." She cries and shakes her head: "Coward." Aeryn asks her name and pretends to calm: "Well, Morrock. When someone comes to get me, they can save you too." The only thing a prisoner can do is hope.

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