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Daring Aeryn To Love You

"Any match on the embryo DNA?" Nurse shakes her head at Jenek: "It's a pattern the memory banks have never catalogued, so it could be half human...we have no sample of Crichton's DNA." Aeryn looks up at them, ready to lie some more. Or maybe to tell the truth; we still don't know. "If I tell you?" The Nurse assures her that her pain will end; Aeryn tells another story. "When I was off Moya, I had another job..."

Aeryn in a tight dress, laughing with some men; the images are black and white and blippy. "Assassinations, subversion. Whatever I was ordered to do." She shoots the laughing men; blood shoots everywhere. There's triumph in her face, cold though it is. I think we're still in the realm of the known. "There was a man named Lechna." And he is wicked hot. Aeryn pulls the finest tail, I swear. Aeryn and Lechna meet before a shining, round window, smiling, and begin to kiss. "He was my contact. Found me all my assignments. But he was also my lover...I have tried to suppress it until now to protect him." She weeps in the chair. "But I don't want the drugs anymore. It is most likely his conception." Jenek demands to know where Lechna was from. "He's from a place called Vendrall. It's a small planet off most charts." True love never dies, of course, and we all know it's John's baby. Not that the show wouldn't slap you with this particular bass just for fun, just to hurt you more, but come on. It's John's baby. For the moment we're just as lost as Nurse, as Captain Jenek. Just as confused as D'Argo. As John. Jenek knows the planet, it's in the Callus Nebula; Nurse resolves to cross-check samples from the Nebula to double-check. Aeryn watches.

Think about Aeryn, and think about Chiana. Both of them beautiful. Both of them love, and have loved, John Crichton. On every level that exists, they have loved him. He drew them out of their cages, so many times, to save himself by saving them. Both of them allowed him to play the role of teacher, in their time. Aeryn became more, broke with the Peacekeepers, held him as he died, cried his name as she went down; later, he drew her out of her pain and self-destruction and held her, in tears. Chiana became more, learning to trust and learning to love; later, he drew her out of fear and rage from both sides of time, and she could be held again. Aeryn was the only person alive who knew the pain of being Sebacean and not-Sebacean at once -- who knows the pain of being human and not-human, of having Earth bite the hand that offers hope. Chiana's the only one who knows what happens when they take away your holy body. The three of them are united too in the false starts and frustration of taking physical instinct and making it intellectual fact, that old field exercise: of taking science and making it art. Aeryn's become more; like John, Chiana is learning to manipulate time and space. It's magic, and the three of them are the only ones who know it. They are innocence and they are hope, and unending love. Everything good about the universe. And watch what happens. Watch what he's prepared to do.

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